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wall painting

Painting walls again…

Ernst rang me that he needed his projector. So I needed to quickly produce the next painting I had in mind.

I grew up with Donald Duck comics, (its the most read weekly magazine in Finland amongst adults and kids.) And living abroad most my childhood, it was how learned and kept up with my Finnish language.

One never gets tired of Donald Duck so I thought as a big fan of the comics, I thought neither will Peter. So I painted this at the foot of his bed. Think I need to develop something for the landscape but that will follow.Anders

Painting walls…

When dad is not home, I get tempted with all sorts of creative projects. But ask permission to complete them, I’m sometimes afraid I get denied. While Jakob was up in Norway, I managed to complete a long planned project. I borrowed a projector from Ernst, drew the outlines and began painting. The wall is meant to be torn down anyway so how wrong can one go….Shadows on the wallThe painting measures about 1,5 m x 2,5 m. First produced a black and white picture, then projected the image on the wall using a projector. Drew the outlines with a pencil and the painted with a paint pen. (I ran out of paint pen so I had to wait over night so the stores opened.) But it is finished and now I’m not sure I want to tear down the wall anymore.

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