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Skiing Kvitfjell

Ski vacation with the family was slightly different this year. We joined the local ski club, Københavns skiklub for an ski trip for families with kids over 5 years. I can say we hit the Jack Pot! The concept included ski school for the older kids and the restaurant provided breckfast and dinner. Only needed to make our own lunch sandwiches from material provided at breakfast. As we had Christian with us, it meant that we could not go out and ski as a family. I ended up renting a “fjellpulkken” and went cross country skiing with him while the big kids where at ski school. He’d sleep for the first 1-1,5 h and then enjoy the trip down.

skiholidayXCR skiing in Norway often means you first need to climb about 1-3 km up and then you reach the more flat area. Luckily in Kvitfjell it was only 1,6km to the top and it took me about 30 -40 min to climb. Excellent exercise.

Christmas 2012

My Christmas is white. I’ve always had snow around me at this time and the white blanket just makes places look so much more beautiful. This year we were also blessed with a thick white blanket. Another tradition is to go swimming after sauna. Pool maintenance is also an important task. This year there was a lot of snow, and to help my old parents out, Jakob and I emptied, shoveled all the snow down from the roof. We calculated it was about 200 m2 with about 40 cm of snow and it took us a good 2 hour. We were just in time as temperature began to rise and snow began to be wet and heavy.xmas

Puddles, puddles everywhere

Our idea summer 2012, was to explore Denmark, visit Jutland and sights I had never seen during the five years of living here. But summer 2012 was really the worst summer EVER in Denmark, it rained, rained and rained. At the end of the first week we rang my parents and begged them to let us come to their summer house. At least there was water for swimming, a terrace to sit outside and sauna to get warm. So we drove our family to Bromarv, Finland. Christian is not quite old enough to play around in the big Baltic Sea, but he found his puddles to play in.


Me, my man and Madonna

At the  end of June we took on our honey moon. 4 day in Berlin with me, my man and Madonna. Amazing my man and madonna

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