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B-day card

My friend and her boyfriend are turning big digits. Together 101 years and we are going to their party this weekend. A present for active people who live in a small koloniehave, have accumulated all the “things” they need and I’m not quite sure of what they would need  is definitely a challenge. Hans and Karin are probably the only other couple who enjoy rowing with each other. we have tried to get them out on a double date but have not found a suitable matching date time. So what better than invite them out for a tour in a 4x and take them out for dinner after.

I think a smart box adventure is an easy way out. At our wedding, my friends organised a “steel the bride” (a Finnish tradition) and Jakob needed to distribute tasks for our friends where they need to do favors for us/with us. I liked the idea to not just give a present to go do something or eat out but to do something together.

Also I had a good excuse to challenge my design skills and make a personal card for them.

Karin og Hans


Next week, finally the small get-away I’ve been waiting for. Five days in rowing Paradise aka. Aviz, Portugal.

I’m going with Jakob to  help out with the Rojabo sculling camp and do a bit of training myself, and most importantly, just relax. The weather does not seem too bad from Wednesday to Saturday, does it?

weather AvizNeed to find my bathing suit, sun glasses (both for rowing and terrace) and sun screen.

Couple double

First trip on the water is something every rower looks forward to during the winter erg season. Likewise, it was a privilege to get the possibility to go out with the best partner ever. We really row super good together. I’m just pure sunshine after a trip out with Jakob.

This picture is not from Saturday but from our first podium place together. Still gives a good picture on the feeling.

Exercise is therapy for me so I guess couple double is couples therapy. The glue in our relationship. We need to work 100% together to get it going and its a good place to sort out thing when going gets rough.


FB cover page and logo

Rojabo FB cover and pictureOnce in a while I help out with Jakob’s Rojabo. I made a new cover page and cover picture for them for FB. As people do not know what Rojabo is, I think it is important to catch their attention with some cool images. This way potential users can at least know its something related to rowing. The logo was just a revamp of the original. The challenge was to fit it into a square and make it a bit more dynamic. The cover picture is edited from a picture of a few friends at training camp. Focus on technically correct rowing and dynamic movement.

The Christmas tree with medals

Having rowed for over a decade and taken part in all sorts of competitions, I have a few plastic bags full with medals. They are of course nice memories but what to do with them. I got this idea to clip the ribbons, make them shorter and decorate my Christmas tree with only medals. Taiga also loved the fuzzy branches, he took naps in the tree and played with the medals.Christmas tree with medalsA funny detail: On Facebook, about 110 friends liked that I got married last summer, over 120 friends liked my Christmas tree.

The best day of my life – my wedding

As cheesy as it sounds, it really was the best day of my life. Everybody who meant something to us were there and I got to say I do to my best friend, my lover, my partner, my soul mate in our own way in a place that means a lot to both of us.BlogIt was really a day that looked like us, saying I do at Bagsværd. Party in our garden, cake with Lego figures, local pølse vogn to feed the guest, cocktails, a super DJ and all friends and family. Party was not meant for stiff folks. I was especially touched that over 40 guests had paid for a plane ticket to join us for the day. Overwhelming day and definitely a good party.

I also made a small photo album of the day for family and friends. See this  link.

Help party flyer

I made this Flyer to put around our rowing club for the Helper party which is arrange to thank all the people who have done voluntary work to make the club function.Help


My son can’t live without these. They have become the most important thing he has. It is a piece of cloth that I have set some pieces of ribbon from medals I have won in rowing. So my blood, sweat and tears. Got the tip from a rowing friend of mine


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