One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Those were my thoughts when I found this old VIPP bin that had been used as the local daycare as an ashtray for the past years.

I had heard that you could fix almost everything with these bins so I took it home and started to clean it. The bins have a beautiful history of the designer building his hairdresser wife a bin she could open without hands and the rest of the success story is history.

OldVippThis is what it looked like when I found it. Pedal missing, one handle missing, no inner bin, tons or rust and about a years worth of cigarette stubs. Disgusting.

VIPP4VIPP3VIPP5With a lot of sanding, I managed to scrape most of the rust off. Now in these pictures it still looks like a disaster.

New-old-VIPP3I had not quite decided on what color I wanted to paint it. I had shiny white and matt black in mind until I saw the bin after I had applied the primer.

VIPP2New-old-VIPPNew-old-VIPP2And I ended up painting it the primer shade of grey. After a trip to the VIPP repair shop it looks almost like the new one I saw in the shop. But my bin will serve us years to come and I gave it a new life.