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Lakrids Festival

More and more recipes with Licorice. Last weekend a whole festival was dedicated to the spice. Unfortunately I missed it but will pay attention more carefully for the next years addition of Lakrids Festival.

Lakrids FestivalYou can find recipes here. Also from previous years festival. I’m looking forward to the grill season and to try out the Weber

Lakrids – Better than Bülow

I love licorice and I’m a sucker for Lakrids by Bülow but it has got a very hefty price tag on its products. Shopping in Kvickly last Friday I spotted these. My friend Helle gave me a pot for my birthday a couple of years back but I have not been able to find them again. They don’t have a product mark on them other than the etiquette on the pot but they taste (I think) better than Lakrids by Bülow.

Lakrids-Better-than-Bulow2 Lakrids-Better-than-BulowEdit


Lakrids cook book

My favorite licorice company Lakrids is coming out with a cook book. Will definitely be on my Christmas wish list…

Lakrids i Madencan’t wait to get my hands on a copy. Maybe I will make my Lakrids Cheesecake this weekend…

Lakrids Cheesecake

My favorite cake is without a doubt a cheesecake. I found paradise on my first trip to Boston at the Cheesecake factory. My old roommate Maija used to make a Lime Cheesecake from Gloria magazine and I have used that as a base and just modified the ingredients a bit. I also LOVE licorice and have wondered if it would somehow be possible to make a licorice cheesecake without it being too…… much.Lakrids CheesecakeAfter about three tries, I think I finally got it. And it tastes like wow too.

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