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Miniature Wunderland

I had heard of this miniature train museum, which apparently was more popular than the Louvre in Paris.  The Miniature Wunderland hosts 13 km’s of 1:87 size train tracks, over 930 trains, 215 000 figures and over 335 000 light. This place had long been on my list of “must-visit” places and being alone with the boys it was the perfect destination.

We spent almost 3 hours looking around and could have easily been there another three.MWL3MWLMWL4MWL2MWL1and we spotted Herbie the love bug in the parking lot for Hamburg Stadium.



Finally vacation and challenged by a friend, I deleted both FB and Instagram from my IPhone, so no social media fondling for three weeks. I thought I waste so much time fiddling with my phone, now I need a break.

The first week of my vacation I went to Germany with my boys. First stop was Hamburg where were we had a few spots we had planned to visit. The first stop was the Prototyp auto museum and it was  really impressive. A mixture of limited edition vehicles and history.



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