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Puddles, puddles everywhere

Our idea summer 2012, was to explore Denmark, visit Jutland and sights I had never seen during the five years of living here. But summer 2012 was really the worst summer EVER in Denmark, it rained, rained and rained. At the end of the first week we rang my parents and begged them to let us come to their summer house. At least there was water for swimming, a terrace to sit outside and sauna to get warm. So we drove our family to Bromarv, Finland. Christian is not quite old enough to play around in the big Baltic Sea, but he found his puddles to play in.


New family member

In the start of the summer, we visited Jakob’s Grand Fathers old pig farm just South from Copenhagen and the cat had just had kittens. We could not come up with a good reason why this guy should not move in. Meet Taiga, the new member of our hurlum-hei household

Meet Taiga our cat born 12.5.2012
Meet Taiga our cat born 12.5.2012

The best day of my life – my wedding

As cheesy as it sounds, it really was the best day of my life. Everybody who meant something to us were there and I got to say I do to my best friend, my lover, my partner, my soul mate in our own way in a place that means a lot to both of us.BlogIt was really a day that looked like us, saying I do at Bagsværd. Party in our garden, cake with Lego figures, local pølse vogn to feed the guest, cocktails, a super DJ and all friends and family. Party was not meant for stiff folks. I was especially touched that over 40 guests had paid for a plane ticket to join us for the day. Overwhelming day and definitely a good party.

I also made a small photo album of the day for family and friends. See this  link.


As a LEGO child, I naturally wanted our cake decoration to reflect us. While Jakob was out on his polteraben, Maria, Christian and I headed out to the LEGO concept store on Støget. With a detailed list we of what to buy, we got what we wanted. By coincidence, there was a series of Minifigures, which included the bride, problem was, it was is a package which was not see though… By trying to feel the big blocks we were lucky and found two brides.



My son can’t live without these. They have become the most important thing he has. It is a piece of cloth that I have set some pieces of ribbon from medals I have won in rowing. So my blood, sweat and tears. Got the tip from a rowing friend of mine


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