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Postman Pat

Growing up in England in the 80’s, Postman Pat was an important part of my childhood. I remember having a Postman Pat lunch box and watching the show on morning TV. Today Postman Pat is still going strong, he uses a mobile phone and has all sorts of modern transport vehicles, he has clearly lived though the technology revolution. Plus it is one of Christian’s favorite shows.
Yesterday I was out buying some jeans in a small shopping mall and outside the store, Christian saw this.

I’ve always wondered who the hell uses these beat up machines outside supermarkets. Now I have the answer. After 20 min, I had to pull him out. I wonder what would have happened, if I had put money in the machine.

Almost April – ski competition in Denmark

Denmark is not exactly know for its good skiing condition, neither for its talents in XC skiing but those who do ski are very dedicated. Friday afternoon, emails were sent out by some local elites, that there would be a 10k competition the next morning. We were definitely in for some racing in DK. Saturday morning was beautiful, blue sky snd sunshine, just about 4 degrees of frost. First I was a bit nervous, because it didn’t seem like there was that much snow, but once we got to Jongstrupvang, could see there was plenty to have a race.
The course consisted of three 3,5 km laps so by the time I was on my last round, I was familiar with the track and knew how much was left.
I finished nro 3 about 6 min after the winner in 56:30.


Painting walls…

When dad is not home, I get tempted with all sorts of creative projects. But ask permission to complete them, I’m sometimes afraid I get denied. While Jakob was up in Norway, I managed to complete a long planned project. I borrowed a projector from Ernst, drew the outlines and began painting. The wall is meant to be torn down anyway so how wrong can one go….Shadows on the wallThe painting measures about 1,5 m x 2,5 m. First produced a black and white picture, then projected the image on the wall using a projector. Drew the outlines with a pencil and the painted with a paint pen. (I ran out of paint pen so I had to wait over night so the stores opened.) But it is finished and now I’m not sure I want to tear down the wall anymore.

“Pyt med det”

Pyt med det – So be it. Living an active and some times a hectic life, I think its good to have a daily reminder about not to take life and its actions too seriously. I decided to have this danish phrase written in the corner of my kitchen so every morning I get a reminder of taking it easy.

Pyt med det

Lego arkitect for a day

The Danish Architect Center arranged a super event during winter vacation, Leg Lego Arkiitect for en dag.

Leg Lego arkitekt for en dag

They had set out tables filled with Lego architecture series Lego. So white, grey and beige brick to let your building creativity go wild. The whole family spent 3,5 hours building.

Next session is in Easter break. Bro, bro, brille.

We think it could be a super idea for Lego, to set up a similar stage permanently for example in a local mall. Collect and entrance fee, provide tables, chairs and Lego for kids/(husbands) to play with while parents/(wives) are out shopping.

Skiing Kvitfjell

Ski vacation with the family was slightly different this year. We joined the local ski club, Københavns skiklub for an ski trip for families with kids over 5 years. I can say we hit the Jack Pot! The concept included ski school for the older kids and the restaurant provided breckfast and dinner. Only needed to make our own lunch sandwiches from material provided at breakfast. As we had Christian with us, it meant that we could not go out and ski as a family. I ended up renting a “fjellpulkken” and went cross country skiing with him while the big kids where at ski school. He’d sleep for the first 1-1,5 h and then enjoy the trip down.

skiholidayXCR skiing in Norway often means you first need to climb about 1-3 km up and then you reach the more flat area. Luckily in Kvitfjell it was only 1,6km to the top and it took me about 30 -40 min to climb. Excellent exercise.

Christmas 2012

My Christmas is white. I’ve always had snow around me at this time and the white blanket just makes places look so much more beautiful. This year we were also blessed with a thick white blanket. Another tradition is to go swimming after sauna. Pool maintenance is also an important task. This year there was a lot of snow, and to help my old parents out, Jakob and I emptied, shoveled all the snow down from the roof. We calculated it was about 200 m2 with about 40 cm of snow and it took us a good 2 hour. We were just in time as temperature began to rise and snow began to be wet and heavy.xmas

The Christmas tree with medals

Having rowed for over a decade and taken part in all sorts of competitions, I have a few plastic bags full with medals. They are of course nice memories but what to do with them. I got this idea to clip the ribbons, make them shorter and decorate my Christmas tree with only medals. Taiga also loved the fuzzy branches, he took naps in the tree and played with the medals.Christmas tree with medalsA funny detail: On Facebook, about 110 friends liked that I got married last summer, over 120 friends liked my Christmas tree.


I take loads of pictures with my iPhone. I like to capture the action moments of everyday life. I also like to play around with images on Photoshop and here is a composition I’m pretty proud of.Maria Trampoline

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