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apple juice

86 liters of pure apple juice

We have three large apple trees in our garden and we have held annually a day for family and friends where we harvest all the apples and manually press them to pure apple juice. It has been a huge success and all our city friends love to join us. This year we had two successful teams and many who joined us for the first time.

And the weather could not have been better.

We produced 86 liters of pure apple juice, apple marmelade of different sorts, three apple cakes and some liters of apple sirup. (and maybe some cooked their sirup for too long and ended up with some gele)


Æblemosteriet 2013

Every other autumn one of our three apple trees produces ridiculously many apples. Its that year again and we are estimating about 120 – 150 liters of æblemost from this years yield. Week 41 our apples should be ready.

apple vogn2013 apple

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