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Æblemosteriet 2013

Finally the day we had be waiting for, our harvest day where we invite all our friends, family and neighbors to help us press apple juice out of our apples. We knew it would be a lot and had calculated there would be more we could handle in one day. To our surprise, our friends were super productive and there are only a few sad apples hanging on the trees.

Result was over 130 liters of apple juice, 5 cakes, tons of apple marmalade, and three bottles of super stiff apple sirup.

apple mosteriet

Æblemosteriet 2013 vol 2

Apple season is approaching, only 14 days to our big harvest day. On Saturday we took out the presser and made 14 liters from only fallen apples. It is going to be a good harvest this year.

aeblemostingInvitations have been sent out via  FB to friends and family. Hope you can come and help us.

Æblemosteriet 2013

Every other autumn one of our three apple trees produces ridiculously many apples. Its that year again and we are estimating about 120 – 150 liters of æblemost from this years yield. Week 41 our apples should be ready.

apple vogn2013 apple

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