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Tivoli Christmas 2013

Finally made it to Tivoli to get some light therapy. The lights just make me so happy.


24 Black little secrets

They are finally here. 24 Black little Secrets

Lakrids 2013

Pram on car

Danes are know for their liberal ways of bringing up their kids. One subject which keeps making the news headlines is that parents leave their kids who are sleeping in the pram outside store while they are shopping. I remember that my first reaction was when I saw a pram outside a store was that “who had abandoned their kid”. It says a lot about how much trust we have in each other and what kind of society we live in. So when I saw this behind a car, I could not but laugh… No, there is not a kid in the pram (I hope) but sure is funny.

Pram on car

Supersonic strawberries

These were for sale in Lisbon. I wonder what kind of fertilizer was used to grow them


Dreaming of Juan les Pins

I was an exchange student in Aix-en-Provence, South of France and I visited this beautiful town. I was there a bit before Easter so off season and without the tourists. I loved the 50’s atmosphere in this beach resort and I remember eating probably the best moules/frites ever.

I got this poster while I was down there and it has followed around with me ever since. One day, hopefully, I’ll go back again.Juan Les pin

Maggie – the Iron lady

I remember her from when I was a child living in England. Didn’t think much of her politics at that moment but she was a character that made an impact in me. I don’t think I’ll ever forget her voice.

Saw this quote from her yesterday on Facebook…

“If you want something talked about, ask a man. If you want something done, ask a woman.”
~ Lady Margaret Thatcher (13/10/1925-8/4/2013)

MaggieThank you for making room for women in decision making positions. RIP!

Postman Pat

Growing up in England in the 80’s, Postman Pat was an important part of my childhood. I remember having a Postman Pat lunch box and watching the show on morning TV. Today Postman Pat is still going strong, he uses a mobile phone and has all sorts of modern transport vehicles, he has clearly lived though the technology revolution. Plus it is one of Christian’s favorite shows.
Yesterday I was out buying some jeans in a small shopping mall and outside the store, Christian saw this.

I’ve always wondered who the hell uses these beat up machines outside supermarkets. Now I have the answer. After 20 min, I had to pull him out. I wonder what would have happened, if I had put money in the machine.

Almost April – ski competition in Denmark

Denmark is not exactly know for its good skiing condition, neither for its talents in XC skiing but those who do ski are very dedicated. Friday afternoon, emails were sent out by some local elites, that there would be a 10k competition the next morning. We were definitely in for some racing in DK. Saturday morning was beautiful, blue sky snd sunshine, just about 4 degrees of frost. First I was a bit nervous, because it didn’t seem like there was that much snow, but once we got to Jongstrupvang, could see there was plenty to have a race.
The course consisted of three 3,5 km laps so by the time I was on my last round, I was familiar with the track and knew how much was left.
I finished nro 3 about 6 min after the winner in 56:30.


Pop Art Design Louisiana

Pop Art Louisiana

A very inspiring exhibition at Louisiana. Time before photoshop, art was made manually.These guys had imagination.

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