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1.9 – Start of a new beginning

After 5 years and 8 months at the same safe job, I decided it was time to take the big leap and challenge myself with something new. It might sound crazy taking a jump to the unknow, but I think now that I have the real chance to figure out what really makes me tick, I got to take this opportunity. On the 28th of August, I told my boss of my new plans. The next day I walked passed my local sneaker pusher Englefødder, and bought these new “I-just-quit-my job-and deserve-new-sneakers” shoes.IMG_3910

I have given myself permission to take September nice and easy, enjoy life and rowing and from then on, I’m looking forward to going full blast to figure out what I will be when I grow up.

1st of September was the start of a new beginning.

Spring in Chicago

At work we got a challenge last year, if we reach our budget and a bit over, we get a trip to the US to visit our Headquarters in Milwaukee and a weekend in Chicago. It was an action packed 5 days of seeing sites, working, recovering from jet lag, early morning runs, tornado alerts, steak houses, GT’s seeing old friends….




Saturday morning group therapy sessions

The best way to start the weekend is to get and row with the rest of my ladies. If I’ve had a tough week behind me, I can just leave all my worries in the lake and I’m a better friend, wife and mother after a row.



Once in a while I get the honor to help out and cox for my husbands crew. Sometimes it can be a bit of a cold trip but as everyone usually is so happy after, it’s my pleasure.


And it was all covered with ice!!

There was not even the slightest breeze of wind the morning I woke up and I had arrange with my partner to meet at the lake for some morning rowing. It had been slightly below freezing over the night but we headed out anyway to see how it was. And as we had suspected, there was ice…. one the whole lake. It looked amazing! What a shame.




When visiting Århus with a three year old, you get to see a totally different perspective of the city. Things which grab his attention are totally different of what grabs the attention of adults. After a semi stressful trip to Starbucks on Støget, I decided to head back to the rowing stadium. We had our car in parking at the Scandinavian Congress Center and suddenly Christian saw this helicopter/whale built out of steel and we simply had to go and take a closer look.








The whale was covered with signs “do not climb in” but as it was filled with kids already, we joined too.

Gardening – renewing hedge

Living in a house with a 92 year old garden, there is constantly maintenance work to do. I’m not the biggest fan of gardening but in small dosage it is therapy. Especially when it’s about getting rid of excess, which we have more than we can handle. We remove a big tree/bush, so I ordered some hedge plants. The hedge infront of the house has also been invaded by some fast growing trees. For this I used my Hackzall for 30 min and now they are gone.


New hedge plants are expected to arrive in the beginning of October.

Bye Bye rocking chair

Like many others I guess, I had the idea that it would be nice to sit for hours in a good rocking chair and breast feed. I found this Borge Mogensen Rocking chair at a vintage market with my mother and ever since she has wished for one of her own. Mine was left to be pure decoration after a few tries and now we finally fitted it in our trunk on our way to the summer house. It looks quite in place with the new owner.



Every summer, at the summer house, I have either a wood work or painting project. But this summer I decided to not engage myself in such a project. Will focus on doing absolutely nothing… If I can. However, this ship is something I’m very proud of. It made by my grandfather Erkki for my dad about 60 years ago. Long live Wellamo.







I made it – “kanakorianteri wok”

When ever I’m in Helsinki, I try make a meeting with friends @barysi Bar nro 9 on Uudenmaankatu. I’ve also tried to investigate on how to make it myself. This time, to my delight, they had published a book with all the recipes of the dishes on the menu

pollo limonelloAnd this is made by me.


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