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Stevns Fort

While visiting Stevns Klint, I saw a brochure advertising other interesting stuff to see in the area. The dark history of Denmark in the cold war was something I had not heard about and now there was a possibility to visit the eagles nest itself, Stevns Fort. It was very impressive and we had a super guide.

Never thought I’d get so close to these kind of things.






Stevns Klint

Denmark is known to be flat as a pan cake, but there are some truly amazing place that should be visited if in the area. We had planned a couples weekend trip to Møns Klint an even bigger cliff but as my boy had missed me so much while I was away, we decided to postpone that and go to the closer cliff Stevns Klint instead. It was a windy day so waves were high and impressive.

Definitely worth a visit


Too hot to run but I did it anyway

Summer vacation in Finland at my parents summer house and it was almost too hot to do any other exercise than taking a dip in the sea. However, I tied my shoe laces and headed out on my regular route, to the end of the gravel road. 7,4 km where the last 2 km were unbearably hot.


My picture of the year

I love taking photos and the IPhone and apps to retouch photos has just made me take even more. I took this picture on morning I was out for a run at Sankt Peter Ording. I ran the next day too just because it was so beautiful.


Paradise – Sankt Peter Ording

2 days in Hamburg and we headed up north to some outlet shopping in Neumunster. We freshened up on our polo shirt stock at Ralph Lauren, and found out it was really the totally opposite direction where we were supposed to be heading. I didn’t really feel like sitting 3 hours in a car, so I suggested we look for a beach near by and find a hotel there. The idea got immediate  support from the rest of the crew. We met a lady selling strawberries on the side of the road as asked her if she had any suggestions. She had one place – Sankt Peter Ording. We thanked here and plotted the place in the GPS.

We arrived at the most astonishing beach I had ever been to, Sankt Peter Ording. The beach is 12 km long and 2 km at it’s widest point. I had never seen such breathtaking views. I’m definitely visiting again.




StPeterOrding10StPeterOrding13StPeterOrding11StPeterOrding3StPeterOrding4We stayed at a place called Hotel Twilling, which we found after ringing 4 places. Suited our need perfectly, close to the beach and play ground. (The village had about 10 play grounds so perfect for small and a bit bigger kids)

Miniature Wunderland

I had heard of this miniature train museum, which apparently was more popular than the Louvre in Paris.  The Miniature Wunderland hosts 13 km’s of 1:87 size train tracks, over 930 trains, 215 000 figures and over 335 000 light. This place had long been on my list of “must-visit” places and being alone with the boys it was the perfect destination.

We spent almost 3 hours looking around and could have easily been there another three.MWL3MWLMWL4MWL2MWL1and we spotted Herbie the love bug in the parking lot for Hamburg Stadium.



Finally vacation and challenged by a friend, I deleted both FB and Instagram from my IPhone, so no social media fondling for three weeks. I thought I waste so much time fiddling with my phone, now I need a break.

The first week of my vacation I went to Germany with my boys. First stop was Hamburg where were we had a few spots we had planned to visit. The first stop was the Prototyp auto museum and it was  really impressive. A mixture of limited edition vehicles and history.



At the airport

Traveling alone with an active Duracell bunny is always a challenge. It is joy to watch him be amazed by everything he discovers.

At-the-airportpitBye-bye-planeflying-with-ipadLego-airportIs bit embarrassing from #Lego. Not very entertaining.

Spring @lande – Finland -Bromarv

I was traveling for work to Finland and I had an opportunity to take a long weekend where I could make it to my parents summer house. It was so beautiful there.

Here some of the best shots I took.sun-rize-lande2landesun-rize-landelande-poollego-landelego-lande-2lande-tuli

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