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Sewing projects

Graphic patchwork blanket

This project started as I needed something to do at the summer house this summer. I had been inspired by Helena I follow on IG and her graphic sewing. I think she has a brilliant taste and she really my kind of patchwork, no “granny style” but modern, fresh, with contrast and graphics. Anyway, credit to her and Fermliving for inspiration. However by mixing and making different color combinations, there is no limit to what you can make.

I started out by making some sketches in InDesign and a pattern, to figure out how many triangles I need to cut out. My plan is to make on for our double bed but to experiment, I started with a version for the kids so 5 rows of triangles. The kids love fleece blankets and therefore I decided to make the lining out of a soft colorful polar fleece. I bought all the material, cotton fabric, polar fleece and  bias tape from my local Stof2000 from Lyngby.

First I did a lot of cutting..40 large triangles and 10 small. By mixing and making different color combinations, there is no limit to what you can make. Mine is inspired by Helena.


Next I needed to use my least favorite tool, an iron and ironing board to help make precis work.


I sewed the polar fleece to the back by sewing on the vertical seems


Now I just need to finish the edge with come bias binding. I chose a thick 4 cm wide version.



Teepee for the little Indian

A teepee/tent for Christian has long been on my to-do list. While my husband has been working on building our 62 m2 terrace, I needed a project of my own. A few weeks back I saw a post from Diana on instagram and got inspired again. Remembered there was a very good DIY in this new Finnish DIY book Omin käsin

Here is my Teepee and little Indian


Getting ready to sit outside

I’m getting ready to sit outside and enjoy the garden but first it just needs to be about 10 degrees warmer. The old covers for the cushions had been invaded by and army of green fellows so it was time to have them replaced with some new ones. I found this fabric in IKEA, the small table from Ilva and Hortensia for sale in Fakta. Now just need a coffee, strawberry cake and some sun.


The rombetæppe is growing

I spent two evening sewing the pieces together. It’s so boring but yet so rewarding to see it grow. Hope that one day, I will be done. About 60 more to go, but now I can at least use it if I’m careful.

rombetappe2rombetappe1All ready a plan for the next one, which I’m thinking of making with a dip dye effect. But no clue on how yet….

Rombetæppe after 14 days

My first ever big crochet project is well on it way. After 14 day I’ve already come quite far and the squares are more and more the same size. I’m down to about 35 min a piece… 26 done and about 80 to go.


More about the project inspired by a blog instruction from Pescno

Changing kit / mat

The little boy has not had the time to be interested in getting rid of diapers so both the old mat and kit needed to be pimped up. It is amazing what material you can get from Ikea and for only 50 kr.

The old mat got a new colorful color

Changing matPlus the most simple and practical changing kit got an upgrade. This is literally just a piece of wax fabric with velcro sewn on, wrapped around the wet wipes and diapers. Not the prettiest but so practical for the “busy-on-the-move-travel-alone-with-duracell-bunny” mom.


Next project..

After my Crochet Angry Birds project was completed, I almost swore that crochet was not my thing. I saw these at the local Fakta and immediately had warning signs blinking “next project!!!”

garnWhat to use them for?

The mad hatter

It’s time to dig out hats again after a summer break. My stock was awfully low and the little guy was missing his only hat so I had a good excuse to pull out the good old Pfaff I’ve inherited from Jakob’s grand mother. So in all, two day saldo was 5 new hats. The design is from Noa Noa, I have a hat which I used to make the pattern and just modify it a bit.

mad hatter


My son can’t live without these velvet rags with ribbons on them. He calls them “Nunnu”, a finnish term my sister used for her rags when she was little. I’ve made them for him before and as we were down to 2, I had to dig into my fabric rests box and see what I could find. I had enough fabric for 4 rags, plus I found all the ribbon rests from when I made my Christmas tree decorations last Christmas.


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