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Seen in Denmark

Stevns Fort

While visiting Stevns Klint, I saw a brochure advertising other interesting stuff to see in the area. The dark history of Denmark in the cold war was something I had not heard about and now there was a possibility to visit the eagles nest itself, Stevns Fort. It was very impressive and we had a super guide.

Never thought I’d get so close to these kind of things.






Stevns Klint

Denmark is known to be flat as a pan cake, but there are some truly amazing place that should be visited if in the area. We had planned a couples weekend trip to Møns Klint an even bigger cliff but as my boy had missed me so much while I was away, we decided to postpone that and go to the closer cliff Stevns Klint instead. It was a windy day so waves were high and impressive.

Definitely worth a visit


Gentofte Brand Museum

Very rarely have I visited a museum where I get to hear the story of the place in such passion. The Gentofte Brand Museum is the first fire station in Denmark and most of the artifact are original form the location. The vehicles were very impressive. It is run by dedicated volunteers so make sure to bring cash and by something from the gift shop to support them. Otherwise its free…

Today, the whole fire department is outsourced to Falck.

BrandMuseum5BrandMuseum7Gideon is a totally “Made in Denmark” fire truck.


Spring rigging

All the boat are now moved to the center in Bagsværd and it is time to have them checked and rigged properly for the season. Christian and I decided to go support dad with his rigging. I also took a 7K run around the lake. Thought it was good to test my new sneakers size 39 which do not pinch my feet.


Visiting the fish – Den Blå Planet

The new Aquarium Den Blå Planet opened about a year ago in Copenhagen. Like all the other people in the city, I also bought tickets like suggested online well in advance, but found out that the 200 meter queue outside was not very inviting. We had the perfect opportunity to use the tickets on Christian’s birthday.

Have to say, it was a very impressive set up and very well made. All details had been well thought of except I found it hard to find info on what fishies actually were in the tank. Really needed to search for an info sign.


Dome of Visions is back in town – next to Den Sorte Diamant

We bumped into this building project last year and how they are building it again. The Dome of Visions is really a combination of innovative thinking, modern design and simplicity. Maybe we should pull down our house and build one. it will be open from 1.4.

Dome again


Zoologiske Museum

On Sunday I needed to find something to do with Christian out of the house for a couple of hours. a friend of mine had recommended the Zoologiske Museum. Their website does not look that exciting and to me, it has always sounded like a place with some dusty stuffed animals. But I was wrong. It was really impressive and a super playground for both children and those young in mind. I’m buying a year card.




Sceleton2Sceleton5 Sceleton6

A room with a view

I woke up shifting from cold chills to sweating like a pig. A day between the sheets watching House of Cards and drinking tea.


Lakrids – Better than Bülow

I love licorice and I’m a sucker for Lakrids by Bülow but it has got a very hefty price tag on its products. Shopping in Kvickly last Friday I spotted these. My friend Helle gave me a pot for my birthday a couple of years back but I have not been able to find them again. They don’t have a product mark on them other than the etiquette on the pot but they taste (I think) better than Lakrids by Bülow.

Lakrids-Better-than-Bulow2 Lakrids-Better-than-BulowEdit


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