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Picture wall – Instaprints

I LOVE snapping pictures with my iPhone 5 and editing them with an app called Snapseed. My old picture wall with about 20 frames was in desperate need of updating and then I saw this idea on Instagram. I ordered about 250 (4×4 inch) pictures from a place called Inkifi. Now I can have all the pictures I want on my wall and it is easy to switch them as they are set up with blue tac.

picture-wall picture-wall3 picture-wall2 picture-wall1 

Christmas break – Happy New Year 2014

Due to a busy period at work and Christmas preparations at home plus traveling to Finland. My online diary has been on hold for the past month. However, I have kept up on Instagram @astaojvind with special moments of the last month.

Hopefully I have some time for myself soon again.


Time management – to-do-list – Trello

I’m probably not the only active person who thinks 24 hours in a day is not enough to get all the stuff one wants done in one day. Now its Christmas soon and there is so much Krea stuff I am inspired to do. Plus I want to exercise and hang with family…

Found a super smart app called Trello to help with time management. And wupsi…. Stuff gets done.


Iphone cover

I helped the kids put together an iPhone cover for their mom’s birthday.

iPhone cover MeI wish you could make your own silicone covers. I don’t dare to live without that extra protection.

Boys playing

I was playing with my Instagram app and effects yesterday. Uploaded about 20 pictures. But this one was definitely  my favorite.




This summer we visited the playground where I took the picture of Maria on the trampoline last year. This year I got some shots of Peter in the same spot. So I played around with my old favorite picture last night.

P&M trampoline


New Rojabo banner for website

Helping to pimp up the Rojabo Website with a cool new banner. Now consistent with the Rojabo FB page

New Rojabo banner

At the Beach poster..

I shot this picture this summer at the beach in Bromarv, Padva. I think there is so much action and everyone is dedicated to the common building project. It was a beautiful day at the beach. Now before getting it printed in large format, I need to take a few test prints.At the beach poster

B-day card

My friend and her boyfriend are turning big digits. Together 101 years and we are going to their party this weekend. A present for active people who live in a small koloniehave, have accumulated all the “things” they need and I’m not quite sure of what they would need  is definitely a challenge. Hans and Karin are probably the only other couple who enjoy rowing with each other. we have tried to get them out on a double date but have not found a suitable matching date time. So what better than invite them out for a tour in a 4x and take them out for dinner after.

I think a smart box adventure is an easy way out. At our wedding, my friends organised a “steel the bride” (a Finnish tradition) and Jakob needed to distribute tasks for our friends where they need to do favors for us/with us. I liked the idea to not just give a present to go do something or eat out but to do something together.

Also I had a good excuse to challenge my design skills and make a personal card for them.

Karin og Hans

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