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Paint over

I have not had a paint project other than the kitchen for the entire summer so I have been itching to get painting now that I have a bit more time on my hands. With an old house there are lots of corners that need freshning up. Now it was the turn of the carport and fence to get a coat of fresh paint. From beat up grey to black with contrast.


IMG_4315-(1) IMG_4326-(1)

8 hours later


(the ladder is holding the rose away from the wall while drying)


I ran out of paint so the rest will have to be done later on when we start building the extention to the bike shed.

Pallet lounge sofa – DONE

Just in time for summer vacation was our new terrace ready. Our idea was to have some lounge sofas but where, is still a bit unsure. The terrace is 66 m2 so there is many options and we do not want to build some fixed furniture until we know where. My idea was so make some cheap furniture from some old euro pallets I got from work, to find out where and what we want to have. The most important feature was that they needed to be good to sit on. On instagram, I found some inspiration, but ended up making some adjustments as I want the seat depth to be a bit more. See original idea here  Now they are ready and painted and I actually think they will end up being a more permanent temporary solution. I love to paint so naturally I gave these a coat too and painted them first with some primer from Røverkøb and the some toned wood protections from Røverkøb. The color code was RAL7012.

Under the finished images, I have added a few picture to demonstrate how I have built them. Really easy to make and super comfortable to sit on. Now some pillows but that is another project for my to-do-list.



I used four euro pallets for this project. I started with sanding all the rough parts and edges in order not to get splinters.


Next step, I split two of the pallets just a few centimeters after the second row. First, I a circular saw but had to finish the off with a hand saw. It is important to leave a planks with of extra for the back piece, gives it a bit more support when screwed together.


Step 3 – I screwed the front legs to the seat with some screws we had left over from our terrace project, so some pretty solid once. Stainless steel screws last longer and don’t rust.


Step 4 – I screwed the back to the bottom in some 45 degree angles. Here you can see where I have set screws.


Step 5 – My favorite job, painting. See above on what I used on the final painted benches.


New Grey Granny

I simply need to have a painting project during my summer vacation. For a long time I have been planning to pimp my old granny and give it a fresh coat  of paint. Now, it was all about getting it done.

I decider to be a bit lazy and not remove the back wheel. All other bits covered with plastic and tape where I did not want paint. One good layer of primer and two layers of paint.

grey-bikeTo assemble it, I got a bit of help

grey-bike1And the boy insisted on joining me for the test ride. Now I have the finest granny in Søborg.


Black chairs

It is time for getting projects done and one on my list has been to get my chairs ready to be sat on again. The Alvar Aalto 69 chairs I got from my grand mother and is the only memory I have of her. I kind of like the idea that these chairs were used first in their pharmacy, in the office, then at home where I remember them from. Now I have them painted black in my kitchen in Denmark.


They are over 60 year old chairs and I had trouble screwing them back together after painting them. Unfortunately they had been dismantled a few too many time. I found a local carpenter Kasper Deurell who  fixed them, set new screws in. Looks very professional now and the best money invested.

Though out my studies at Helsinki University, I sat in Domus Academics study hall on one of there Ilmari Tapiovaara Domus chairs. Already then, not knowing they were top design today, I thought they were the best chairs ever to sit on. We got this one from my parents as a wedding present, restored by my mother.

Chair5This last one must be a copy of an Alvar Aalto chair. I found a pair of them at an yard sale in Tammisaari some years back. We were geocaching in the area and could not find the cache so I wondered off to a small yard and found 2 of these for 7 euros a piece. My husband was jumping of joy when I told him what I had bought.

chair4All reminders of my Finnish heritage.


Futuro house – Finnish architecture – WeeGee – EMMA

One of the pearls of Finnish architecture (beside Alvar Aalto) is the Futuro house by Matti Suuronen. Yes, it looks like a flying saucer.

Futuro houseI Finally had the opportunity to visit WeeGee EMMA art museum in Espoo. What a place, it really give the right surrounding for the art work to shine. The house is really nothing special, it is an old book bindery for WG, a classical concrete bunker. But there is space for the art pieces. I visited the ceramic artist Birger Kaipainen exhibition with my mom.


Red Chair- Really Red Chair

This summer vacations building project was to  paint the other chair I found at a flea market last in Tammisaari summer while Geocaching. The cache was hidden in a court yard (which we never found) and there was a huge yard sale where I found two “project paint” chairs.

The first one I scraped clean and painted during Christmas vacation in Bromarv. This summer I packed chair nro. 2 with me. Red is one of my favorite colors. It give me energy and puts a smile on my face, its a happy, powerful and energetic color and I’m not afraid to use it. I’ve had a small break painting stuff red but I’m up to speed again.

chair unde constructionAnd here finished and paired up with the black one i made last Christmas.

the chairsColor code: NCS S 2570-R


Loppemarked finds

Sunday, I finally had some time for myself so I headed straight out to some local flea markets. My first stop was in Holte with a mission was to find some rain clothes for Christian. He has a set but he is growing out of them soon so needed to find the next size.

Bingo for 10 Dkk a piece. Mission accomplished! I also found myself a retro Tommy Hilfiger Polo shirt, which I use a lot, totally unused and a turquoise tin can. Not that I have any.

My next stop was Lyngby, I had the time and still wanted to do a bit of treasure hunting so…… I have been having my eye open for a “project PH5” lamp. The one in the store costs almost 5000 DKK so my aim is to find one and spray paint it myself. How dificult can that be for a handy lady like me. The guy selling one looked like a “pro flea market” sales man and I almost did not dare ask the price. But for 200 DKK I could not let the lamp not come home with me. Even if I ruin it with spraying, it will not be a big loss and what the hell at least I get some practice material.

PH5So one day, hopefully it will look like this.

PH5blackI love the effect the red plate makes. Lets see, I need to do some research on what is smart and what are the best paints.

Blue Baby Blue part 2

A few years ago, I made a major painters beginners mistake and painted Christian’s chair with cheap, white spray paint. Now, after 2 years of rough daily use, the cheap, quick and easy solution began to look exactly what it was: cheap, quick and easy solution. I had bought enough blue paint so there was plenty to revamp the chair. Just needed to convince my man it was a good idea to have more color in the kitchen.

blue chairThe blue color is from one of my favorite coffee cups

coffee cup colorColor code from Roverkob:

New blue big boy bed

This project started around Easter time when I got us moved from the big upstairs room to the little downstairs room with a view to our garden. I needed a narrow bed for the big boy, which could still fit in the small room. I found this on and decided that with a bit of paint, it will be nice a retro.

bed 1

I wanted some color into my life so I marched into the local paint shop with my favorite coffee cup.

coffee cup colorAnd this is what it looks like in place.

final bed

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