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At the airport

Traveling alone with an active Duracell bunny is always a challenge. It is joy to watch him be amazed by everything he discovers.

At-the-airportpitBye-bye-planeflying-with-ipadLego-airportIs bit embarrassing from #Lego. Not very entertaining.

Spring @lande – Finland -Bromarv

I was traveling for work to Finland and I had an opportunity to take a long weekend where I could make it to my parents summer house. It was so beautiful there.

Here some of the best shots I took.sun-rize-lande2landesun-rize-landelande-poollego-landelego-lande-2lande-tuli

Lego Architecture – Byg mod Nord

Saturday afternoon we headed out to DAC in Christianshavn for an afternoon of building Architecture Lego. It is such an inspiring place, also a fantastic book shop.

Lego cityJakob legoMy houseexpo houseleg lego arkitektStandard

Lego architect vol 3

At DAC, coming again soon. Leg Lego Arkitekt. This time the topic is “Byg mod Nord” where the challenge is to build at these latitudes.

leg lego arkitektThis time need to reserve tickets….

Building Lego again – DAC

A good month ago, we visited the Danish Architecture Center for the first time to play Lego Architect for the day. We were hooked. During Easter vacation, they organised another event in connection with their current exhibition on the harbour. At Bro, Bro, Brille the task was to build a bridge. having learned from last time, we had prepared a bit so we did not waste time thinking of what to build. We had decided on a modern, Danish bridge, the Farø bridge, which connects Sjælland to Falster. Its probably one of the most beautiful modern bridges in Denmark.BroBroBrille


As a LEGO child, I naturally wanted our cake decoration to reflect us. While Jakob was out on his polteraben, Maria, Christian and I headed out to the LEGO concept store on Støget. With a detailed list we of what to buy, we got what we wanted. By coincidence, there was a series of Minifigures, which included the bride, problem was, it was is a package which was not see though… By trying to feel the big blocks we were lucky and found two brides.


Game figures for Matador

Instead of the traditional car, bike, boat etc. We decided that the game should begin with each player building their own figure from Lego. Here is what Jakob and I came ups Asta and Jakob

Det originale Gul Hus Matador

The first original Museokatu Monopoly I made while living in Museokatu 23 a 2 during my studies. We were an exceptional bunch in a big appartment. However have missed that coffee table and now thought it was time to make a similar one of my new surroundings. As table, I used a cheap Lack table from IKEA and a whole bunch of imagination. I also made original cards for the ?…gul hus matador

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