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Dome of Visions is back in town – next to Den Sorte Diamant

We bumped into this building project last year and how they are building it again. The Dome of Visions is really a combination of innovative thinking, modern design and simplicity. Maybe we should pull down our house and build one. it will be open from 1.4.

Dome again


Rombetæppe after 14 days

My first ever big crochet project is well on it way. After 14 day I’ve already come quite far and the squares are more and more the same size. I’m down to about 35 min a piece… 26 done and about 80 to go.


More about the project inspired by a blog instruction from Pescno

Phat Ka-phrao Gai – home street kitchen

One of my favorite Asian restaurants in Copenhagen is Wok Shop, it had conveniently a restaurant on the street I used to live in the city on. Friday, I decided to challenge myself and see if I could make my favorite dish which is a strong, spicy dish called Phat Ka-phrao Gai.

After some research on the web, I think I came close to finding what I wanted.

I use this recipe as a base and added some own inspiration

Thai-food Thai-food-2

400 g minced chicken meat

3 chillies slices fine

3 cloves of garlic

1/2 onion finely chopped

150 gr long green beans

4 tbsp fish sauce

3 tbsp soya sauce

2 tbsp sugar

1 dl water

2 tpsp maizena

handfull of thai basil


Fry chillies, onlion and garlic in cooking oil. When a bit softened add minced meat. When cooked a bit add, fish sauce, soya, water and sugar. When almost done add beans and last basil.

I’m gonna experiment next time with some finely chopped nuts (peanut or cashew)

25/2/2014 Recipe update.

Zoologiske Museum

On Sunday I needed to find something to do with Christian out of the house for a couple of hours. a friend of mine had recommended the Zoologiske Museum. Their website does not look that exciting and to me, it has always sounded like a place with some dusty stuffed animals. But I was wrong. It was really impressive and a super playground for both children and those young in mind. I’m buying a year card.




Sceleton2Sceleton5 Sceleton6

My next project….

I’ve been very inspired by different krea projects on Instagram but as I saw this, #rombetæppe from Pescno, I bought material immediately.

Hæklet rombetæppe PescnoThrow and instructions are from Pescno

This is what came in the post on Friday.

Haekle-materialMy  husband was setting up some shelves in the kitchen most of the weekend so I was taking care of the rest of the troops so not that much time  but this is where I made it after the first weekend. 9 done 161 to go.

First-rombe2 First-rombe

Christmas break – Happy New Year 2014

Due to a busy period at work and Christmas preparations at home plus traveling to Finland. My online diary has been on hold for the past month. However, I have kept up on Instagram @astaojvind with special moments of the last month.

Hopefully I have some time for myself soon again.


Time management – to-do-list – Trello

I’m probably not the only active person who thinks 24 hours in a day is not enough to get all the stuff one wants done in one day. Now its Christmas soon and there is so much Krea stuff I am inspired to do. Plus I want to exercise and hang with family…

Found a super smart app called Trello to help with time management. And wupsi…. Stuff gets done.


Writing stuff that sells – MyNewsDay Copenhagen

I went to a super interesting PR event held by a PR service I use for work, MyNewsdesk. It is very inspiring to get away from the office once in a while and get some new inspiration to stuff I do. This time, got a whole new insight on how to write selling text. Can’t hurt.

MyNewsdayThere were three very inspiring guest speakers who gave us a lot of material to work with and make our material more selling.

Thanks to Morten Munster from Bro-Kommunications  and Mette Holbaek (a lady with balls) from Politikens forlag for an inspirational morning. Now I know what NOT to write in a press release.

Stuff I don’t know where to put

Our hall looks like a bomb exploded there. There is a counter top which is perfect to dispose of stuff one otherwise does not know where to put. So I bumped into this on Boligcious a blog I follow.

Stuff I dont know where to putThis came in the mail today from a very nice webshop Very efficient and personal service. (In the box, there was a hand written note.

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