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What makes me tick…

Its now been 2 months since I quit my job and I have to say, it was the best decision I have make. Getting out of the hamster wheel and taking my lfe (and hopefully my career) to the next level. Learn to set my values in the right order for me, not necessarily in the order they are supposed to be.

Today I’m completing an Online Marketing course at Bigum&Co and I have to say I’m impressed. I did not think quality education at this level excisted in this part of the world. Each lecturer so far has been excelent and at the end of the day, I’ve been a bit disappointed that the teaching already ended. I want to learn more.  (Plus they serve amazing coffee from Nespresso).

The best part is that I have a couple of projects I can use to practice the learnt theories and maybe/ hopefully soon I can use all this as part of my real job.

Richard Mosse – Jeff Wall @Louisiana

Today I decided to dash up to Humlebæk after work to see the discussed exhibitions by Richard Mosse and photos by Jeff Wall.

I LOVE pink color, it really make everything look sweet and happy. But painting landscape from war zones in Congo pink made me a bit speachless. It all looked so beautiful. Very contradicting. Its not supposed to be beautiful…


Another exhibition in Louisiana was photographs by Jeff Wall. First impression was that these were not that impressive but once one begun to look more carefully were each picture filled with a story that just when on. Could have used an extra hour looking at these pictures. Below my two favorites.


Rock and Roll Christmas decorations

Visited Finderkeepers Xmas market at TAP1 this weekend and took home lost of inspiration and these new Kravnisse from Solveig Mønsted Hvidt


Picture wall – Instaprints

I LOVE snapping pictures with my iPhone 5 and editing them with an app called Snapseed. My old picture wall with about 20 frames was in desperate need of updating and then I saw this idea on Instagram. I ordered about 250 (4×4 inch) pictures from a place called Inkifi. Now I can have all the pictures I want on my wall and it is easy to switch them as they are set up with blue tac.

picture-wall picture-wall3 picture-wall2 picture-wall1 

Pallet lounge sofa – DONE

Just in time for summer vacation was our new terrace ready. Our idea was to have some lounge sofas but where, is still a bit unsure. The terrace is 66 m2 so there is many options and we do not want to build some fixed furniture until we know where. My idea was so make some cheap furniture from some old euro pallets I got from work, to find out where and what we want to have. The most important feature was that they needed to be good to sit on. On instagram, I found some inspiration, but ended up making some adjustments as I want the seat depth to be a bit more. See original idea here  Now they are ready and painted and I actually think they will end up being a more permanent temporary solution. I love to paint so naturally I gave these a coat too and painted them first with some primer from Røverkøb and the some toned wood protections from Røverkøb. The color code was RAL7012.

Under the finished images, I have added a few picture to demonstrate how I have built them. Really easy to make and super comfortable to sit on. Now some pillows but that is another project for my to-do-list.



I used four euro pallets for this project. I started with sanding all the rough parts and edges in order not to get splinters.


Next step, I split two of the pallets just a few centimeters after the second row. First, I a circular saw but had to finish the off with a hand saw. It is important to leave a planks with of extra for the back piece, gives it a bit more support when screwed together.


Step 3 – I screwed the front legs to the seat with some screws we had left over from our terrace project, so some pretty solid once. Stainless steel screws last longer and don’t rust.


Step 4 – I screwed the back to the bottom in some 45 degree angles. Here you can see where I have set screws.


Step 5 – My favorite job, painting. See above on what I used on the final painted benches.


I speak Finnish

I saw this post on FB today and it really made me feel like a superhero for a moment. I really feel privileged to have this superpower.

Thank you mom and dad for being persistent and teaching me Finnish while we lived abroad.

I speak finnish

THE green thai curry

I finally found the perfect recipe for one of my favorite dishes, Green Thai curry and need to make a note of it in a place where I can find it again. Credit goes to someone called Ask, who has posted it online on Alletiders kogebog.

What I need:

500     g.          hønsekød uden skind
2     ds.             kokosmælk
1-2     spsk.     grøn karrypasta
2     cm.           frisk ingefær
2     fed            hvidløg
2                      chili
10                    kaffir lime blade
0.5     ds.        bambusskud
125     g.        champignon
2     spsk.      fiskesovs
1     tsk.          rørsukker
1                     lime
1                     håndfuld frisk koriander

What to do:
Skær hønsekødet i mundrette stykker, ingefær i tynde stave og hak hvidløget fint. Skær champignonerne i skiver og chilierne i tynde ringe.

Varm olien op i en wok, og svits kødet et par minutter sammen med ingefær og hvidløg. Skub kødet ud til siden og svits karrypastaen i et minut. Bland kødet og karrypastaen og tilsæt kokosmælk, limeblade, svampe, chili, bambusskud, rørsukker og fiskesovs, og lad det simre i ca. 20 minutter. Tilsæt saften fra limen og smag til med fiskesovs (hvis der mangler salt) og rørsukker.

Hak korianderne og drys dem over retten. Server med langkornet ris f.eks. Jasmin.


De fleste ingredienser kan varieres/undlades efter lyst og fantasi. De vigtige ingredienser er: Karrypasta, kokosmælk, limeblade, fiskesovs og rørsukker (kan erstattes af almindelig sukker).


I made it – “kanakorianteri wok”

When ever I’m in Helsinki, I try make a meeting with friends @barysi Bar nro 9 on Uudenmaankatu. I’ve also tried to investigate on how to make it myself. This time, to my delight, they had published a book with all the recipes of the dishes on the menu

pollo limonelloAnd this is made by me.


Spring from Ilva

I finally found a super cool rug for under the dining table, (which my husband also said yes to).  Its called Mines from Ilva. Cow skin rugs are just so practical.

my-ilva-rugI also bumped into this potential dining table in oak.

ilva-tableCalled Lake, also new at Ilva.

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