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86 liters of pure apple juice

We have three large apple trees in our garden and we have held annually a day for family and friends where we harvest all the apples and manually press them to pure apple juice. It has been a huge success and all our city friends love to join us. This year we had two successful teams and many who joined us for the first time.

And the weather could not have been better.

We produced 86 liters of pure apple juice, apple marmelade of different sorts, three apple cakes and some liters of apple sirup. (and maybe some cooked their sirup for too long and ended up with some gele)


Spring 2014 – garden season is starting

Every year I’m just amazed on how much time can be spent on weeds and plants. And I don’t even spend that much. I’ve spent a little time now in two weekends and that already resulted in 2 trailers full with green to the recycling center.

Pink Roses are something I’ve wanted. I found some for really cheap in Netto and decided to try. Lets hope.

Pink rosesSame store, found a few extra raspberry plants. Hope I can keep them alive.

to be raspberiesWe have a few Peony’s, which have shown that they are alive and kicking.

pionitAnd this summer I am determined to grow my own mint for my Mojitos.

for my future mojitosas well as fresh Rosmary, nice and near the kitchen door.

rosmarySo welcoming spring and the sun.



Spring is here

I love the fact that we get more space for living once we can. I’m not that big on gardening but its something that has grown on me in the last 5 year that I have been a house owner.

Boy just loves the extra playground we have.

photo-1 In-Garden

A room with a view

I woke up shifting from cold chills to sweating like a pig. A day between the sheets watching House of Cards and drinking tea.


Climbing trees

Sunday was perfect autumn weather. Our cat was climbing trees so of course the little boy followed.


Julepynt #1

Here starts the season where I love to sit at home and make some Christmas decorations. I found some red berries in my garden and put them in a wire.

Jule hjerte

After the storm

Last Monday was recorded some record winds in Denmark. This means securing that the trampoline is bolted to the ground. My neighbor did not do a very good job.

Neighbours trampoline

Æblemosteriet 2013

Finally the day we had be waiting for, our harvest day where we invite all our friends, family and neighbors to help us press apple juice out of our apples. We knew it would be a lot and had calculated there would be more we could handle in one day. To our surprise, our friends were super productive and there are only a few sad apples hanging on the trees.

Result was over 130 liters of apple juice, 5 cakes, tons of apple marmalade, and three bottles of super stiff apple sirup.

apple mosteriet

Autumn colors are coming

Garden is preparing for winter..

autumn leavesUps, looks like bits of our fence that someone smashed….


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