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From Finland

Too hot to run but I did it anyway

Summer vacation in Finland at my parents summer house and it was almost too hot to do any other exercise than taking a dip in the sea. However, I tied my shoe laces and headed out on my regular route, to the end of the gravel road. 7,4 km where the last 2 km were unbearably hot.


I speak Finnish

I saw this post on FB today and it really made me feel like a superhero for a moment. I really feel privileged to have this superpower.

Thank you mom and dad for being persistent and teaching me Finnish while we lived abroad.

I speak finnish

Spring @lande – Finland -Bromarv

I was traveling for work to Finland and I had an opportunity to take a long weekend where I could make it to my parents summer house. It was so beautiful there.

Here some of the best shots I took.sun-rize-lande2landesun-rize-landelande-poollego-landelego-lande-2lande-tuli

I made it – “kanakorianteri wok”

When ever I’m in Helsinki, I try make a meeting with friends @barysi Bar nro 9 on Uudenmaankatu. I’ve also tried to investigate on how to make it myself. This time, to my delight, they had published a book with all the recipes of the dishes on the menu

pollo limonelloAnd this is made by me.


Finnish and Retro – Suomalaista Sisua

When living abroad, it is small things that help when suffering from homesickness. I don’t particularly miss Finland, it’s mainly my dear friends but having Finnish things at home make me feel like I’m not that far away.

When describing a Finn, one often says the people have Finnish Sisu, I get the same challenge when trying to describe Danish hygge to foreigners, you will know it when you feel it. Sisu is part of a finns character. The Institute of Languages in Finland defines Sisu as: perseverance, persistence, willpower, relentless drive, dauntless, unyielding, brave, audacity and courage. This is something that dates back to history books as we have had to fight the big bad Russians who live next door. But today a small box of breath mints are named after Finnish Sisu – Suomalaista Sisua



Christmas break – Happy New Year 2014

Due to a busy period at work and Christmas preparations at home plus traveling to Finland. My online diary has been on hold for the past month. However, I have kept up on Instagram @astaojvind with special moments of the last month.

Hopefully I have some time for myself soon again.



Right after New Years, I had a meeting with work in Finland so we took up with the whole small family to take advantage of being with family while I took to a few meetings during the day. One evening we had some team building activity planned in the form of climbing. For me this meant moving boundaries and getting over my fear of heights. I’ve never been fond of a high ledge or a tower. But I’m up for challenging myself. Cool place this Toyota Climbing Arena at Salmisaari, the highest wall in the Nordics.


At the airport

I spent a long weekend in Finland with Christian. Flying alone with a Duracell bunny is always exciting.

airport 1airport 2

Hanging with mummi

Lucky little boy had 3 days of quality time in Finnish.

visiting grandma

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