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Flea market finds

Rock and Roll Christmas decorations

Visited Finderkeepers Xmas market at TAP1 this weekend and took home lost of inspiration and these new Kravnisse from Solveig Mønsted Hvidt


My new old VIPP bin

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Those were my thoughts when I found this old VIPP bin that had been used as the local daycare as an ashtray for the past years.

I had heard that you could fix almost everything with these bins so I took it home and started to clean it. The bins have a beautiful history of the designer building his hairdresser wife a bin she could open without hands and the rest of the success story is history.

OldVippThis is what it looked like when I found it. Pedal missing, one handle missing, no inner bin, tons or rust and about a years worth of cigarette stubs. Disgusting.

VIPP4VIPP3VIPP5With a lot of sanding, I managed to scrape most of the rust off. Now in these pictures it still looks like a disaster.

New-old-VIPP3I had not quite decided on what color I wanted to paint it. I had shiny white and matt black in mind until I saw the bin after I had applied the primer.

VIPP2New-old-VIPPNew-old-VIPP2And I ended up painting it the primer shade of grey. After a trip to the VIPP repair shop it looks almost like the new one I saw in the shop. But my bin will serve us years to come and I gave it a new life.

Black chairs

It is time for getting projects done and one on my list has been to get my chairs ready to be sat on again. The Alvar Aalto 69 chairs I got from my grand mother and is the only memory I have of her. I kind of like the idea that these chairs were used first in their pharmacy, in the office, then at home where I remember them from. Now I have them painted black in my kitchen in Denmark.


They are over 60 year old chairs and I had trouble screwing them back together after painting them. Unfortunately they had been dismantled a few too many time. I found a local carpenter Kasper Deurell who  fixed them, set new screws in. Looks very professional now and the best money invested.

Though out my studies at Helsinki University, I sat in Domus Academics study hall on one of there Ilmari Tapiovaara Domus chairs. Already then, not knowing they were top design today, I thought they were the best chairs ever to sit on. We got this one from my parents as a wedding present, restored by my mother.

Chair5This last one must be a copy of an Alvar Aalto chair. I found a pair of them at an yard sale in Tammisaari some years back. We were geocaching in the area and could not find the cache so I wondered off to a small yard and found 2 of these for 7 euros a piece. My husband was jumping of joy when I told him what I had bought.

chair4All reminders of my Finnish heritage.


Loppemarked finds

Home alone so I headed into town to have lunch with a friend while the boy took his nap. I could not resist a look around the small local yard sales. For 20kr I found this ant fabric/sheet. It was a full adult size so at home I split it in two and now the boy’s got two sets of super soft ant bed sheets. Next find was these black leather Converse sneakers for 20kr. If taken care of, leather just gets better with use. Some shoe polish and magic spunge and wow. Heading back towards the car, we bumped into two women selling stuff on a small side street. My friend found a whole Ikea bag of super fancy baby boy clothes for 300kr and I took home the plastic elephant which became the little boys instant favorite.


Loppemarked finds

I had an hour to spend before a friends wedding on summer afternoon in Helsinki, so had a look around at of the most traditional flea markets in Helsinki, “Hietsun kirppis” (sorry, info only in Finnsih). Found some childhood treasures, 2 piggy banks.

The Uncle Scrooge piggy bank was distribute to all KOP (former Kansallis-Osake-Pankki) child customers. I managed to get my parents to let me open an account just so I could get one of these piggy banks.

The Red “Kultapossu kerho” piggy bank is reminder from when I was working at Danske Bank Group Communications. Danske Bank had bought the Finnish Sampo Bank, the former Posti Pankki in Finland and was wondering what sentimental value this children’s club had for the business.säästöpossut

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