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86 liters of pure apple juice

We have three large apple trees in our garden and we have held annually a day for family and friends where we harvest all the apples and manually press them to pure apple juice. It has been a huge success and all our city friends love to join us. This year we had two successful teams and many who joined us for the first time.

And the weather could not have been better.

We produced 86 liters of pure apple juice, apple marmelade of different sorts, three apple cakes and some liters of apple sirup. (and maybe some cooked their sirup for too long and ended up with some gele)


CPH days

I’m starting a news series of posts with the title CPHdays highlighting why I am happy to live in this city and call it my home town. Even though  I no  longer live in the heart of the city, but a suburbia called Søborg, its still the place I call my city.

A few weeks back on a sunny Sunday while dad was out rowing, I took my little boy to town by train. He thinks its so exciting to ride the train and talk to people there. We headed to Israel plads for an event  called Designerspace Design og Kunstmarked to look at what upcoming designers are offering. 

However on our way, my little man spotted a police car and started waving. They stopped and asked him to come in with them and gave my little man a experience he has talked about for a few weeks now. I love how approachable and equal this city is. Everybody talked to each other and there is no rank or hierarchy.

CPH-days4 On Israel plads, they had set up the designer market and some container restaurants called Little Copenhagen a concept of outdoor restaurants and entertainment for kids. Brilliant concept which I’m gonna try again soon.


My boy is not affraid of strangers, even if they look a bit funny.

Greenpeace – Arctic Sunrise

Last Saturday our little family headed to the city to see the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, which was docking at Amaliehave in Copenhagen. No one can always have their meaning about radical behavior, but have to say, it is good that their passion for nature and surroundings keeps the rest of us informed on what is going on around us. How our surroundings are being treated. Don’t even want to think where we would be without them.


Keep up the good work.

Richard Mosse – Jeff Wall @Louisiana

Today I decided to dash up to Humlebæk after work to see the discussed exhibitions by Richard Mosse and photos by Jeff Wall.

I LOVE pink color, it really make everything look sweet and happy. But painting landscape from war zones in Congo pink made me a bit speachless. It all looked so beautiful. Very contradicting. Its not supposed to be beautiful…


Another exhibition in Louisiana was photographs by Jeff Wall. First impression was that these were not that impressive but once one begun to look more carefully were each picture filled with a story that just when on. Could have used an extra hour looking at these pictures. Below my two favorites.


Åre 2015

This year we decided to head for ski vacation a bit earlier, week 4. Yes it was cheaper, slopes where empty, but it was a little bit too cold for the kids. -16 is not that fun when you start freezing after 30 minutes. However, the slopes where in excellent condition and I got upgraded by 10 year old Telemark boots to some new ones. Also some second hand ones from a store call Mountain Cycle from Åre. Smart idea to gather expensive mountain gear under one roof. I like.



Most of the time, we spent divided up Jakob skiing with the big kids and me hanging out with Christian. Luckily the cross-country tracks where close by and with light so we could get some exercise done.



Mommy hour on telemarks meant being out 8:30 when the lifts opened. It meant also the best slopes.  So no complaining here.




New England Foliage

New England Foliage was at its best when we were visiting and Jakob was rowing the Head of the Charles. My sister took me to the old battle grounds of the American Civil war in Concord. Impressive place.


Stevns Fort

While visiting Stevns Klint, I saw a brochure advertising other interesting stuff to see in the area. The dark history of Denmark in the cold war was something I had not heard about and now there was a possibility to visit the eagles nest itself, Stevns Fort. It was very impressive and we had a super guide.

Never thought I’d get so close to these kind of things.






Stevns Klint

Denmark is known to be flat as a pan cake, but there are some truly amazing place that should be visited if in the area. We had planned a couples weekend trip to Møns Klint an even bigger cliff but as my boy had missed me so much while I was away, we decided to postpone that and go to the closer cliff Stevns Klint instead. It was a windy day so waves were high and impressive.

Definitely worth a visit


Too hot to run but I did it anyway

Summer vacation in Finland at my parents summer house and it was almost too hot to do any other exercise than taking a dip in the sea. However, I tied my shoe laces and headed out on my regular route, to the end of the gravel road. 7,4 km where the last 2 km were unbearably hot.


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