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Åre 2015

This year we decided to head for ski vacation a bit earlier, week 4. Yes it was cheaper, slopes where empty, but it was a little bit too cold for the kids. -16 is not that fun when you start freezing after 30 minutes. However, the slopes where in excellent condition and I got upgraded by 10 year old Telemark boots to some new ones. Also some second hand ones from a store call Mountain Cycle from Åre. Smart idea to gather expensive mountain gear under one roof. I like.



Most of the time, we spent divided up Jakob skiing with the big kids and me hanging out with Christian. Luckily the cross-country tracks where close by and with light so we could get some exercise done.



Mommy hour on telemarks meant being out 8:30 when the lifts opened. It meant also the best slopes.  So no complaining here.




2 year anniversary

flowers2Two years ago, 140 guests, friends and family came to our place to party with us and celebrate us getting married. Its been a rocky ride but still enjoying each other.

Rojabo Boat Race Erg Challenge 2014

Sunday we set live the new Rojabo Boat Race Erg Challenge. The idea is to have an event/race to motivate to train for. I’ve heard of people doing this before and thought this could be a perfect substitute for Rojabo customers.

6779 meters. I’m in but I know it will hurt so need to get training.

Rojabo Boat Race 2014Banner design is something I’m proud of this time.

Erg in my living room

I think every interior designers nightmare is to have some bulky sports equipment in the living room. Luckily, we agree that there are more pros of getting into shape than cons, that it is not very pretty decoration for the living room.

If-I-pass-out-please-note-my-time-2  I’ve also started to follow Rojabo training programs again, nothing too ambitious, I’m starting from scratch so the only way is up.

Rojabo training planWhat I like about the programs is that you get variety into your training, won’t get bored and the programs are hard and compact. Perfect for a busy person like me.

Rojabo MetersThe Rojabo Meters are a slap in the face, nothing to be proud about but it can only get better.

PowerguideThe Power Guide is the key to improvement, you need to know how much you need to push at which tempo.

New life 2014 – fit, skinny and full of energy

I’ve been a bit cranky lately. No time to exercise and really its just a bad excuse. It never been a problem for me to put my sneakers on and go out the door for a run. I’m a new person after some sports. Last week I was for 6 days near Amsterdam to a Milwaukee Powertools sales conference, and I went for a run 3 times and I felt great. But at home I need some new motivation. We have had a spinning bike in our living room for quite a while now but its a Concept2 erg I have been missing. So when I got home from this tough week of building conference, this was waiting for me.

ergNo all the design and interior lovers would see stars but I love what it represents, a healthy, happy life.

Amsterdam beachMilwaukee-flags



Skiing – I miss you

We decided this year to skip our traditional ski vacation and do something else. Have not decided yet what, maybe go somewhere warm in the autumn. Lets see. But now that there is no snow in Denmark and no ski vacation to dream about, I’ve actually begun to miss the idea of going skiing. This will be the first year as far as I can remember with no skiing.

This picture is from 2002 when I was in Kilpisjärvi writing my Master thesis. You can see it was a bit challenging to get some studying done. It was amazing.

kilpisjarviSomewhere behind Saana Tunturi


Right after New Years, I had a meeting with work in Finland so we took up with the whole small family to take advantage of being with family while I took to a few meetings during the day. One evening we had some team building activity planned in the form of climbing. For me this meant moving boundaries and getting over my fear of heights. I’ve never been fond of a high ledge or a tower. But I’m up for challenging myself. Cool place this Toyota Climbing Arena at Salmisaari, the highest wall in the Nordics.


Learning to swim

For me swimming has always been about staying afloat. As a form of exercise, never my favorite. Water dries my skin and I can’t seem to get my pulse up and I don’t seem to be able to advance at the pace I want to. My basic problem has been that I have never learned to swim correctly.

I have for long wished for some basic technique training but to commit to a school is not really my thing, rather use my time rowing if possible. My club however has reserved some lanes at Vesterbro Svømmehal and one of my team mates is a former swimmer and she offered to give me some tips. As an athlete, I am used to making adaption to my body movements so it was pure joy, once I began to get the hang of front crawl.  Not exactly Phelps yet but I’m definately going forward and best of all I can now get my pulse up and feel exhausted after some laps. Big thanks to Nina.


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