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Domestic stuff

86 liters of pure apple juice

We have three large apple trees in our garden and we have held annually a day for family and friends where we harvest all the apples and manually press them to pure apple juice. It has been a huge success and all our city friends love to join us. This year we had two successful teams and many who joined us for the first time.

And the weather could not have been better.

We produced 86 liters of pure apple juice, apple marmelade of different sorts, three apple cakes and some liters of apple sirup. (and maybe some cooked their sirup for too long and ended up with some gele)


Paint over

I have not had a paint project other than the kitchen for the entire summer so I have been itching to get painting now that I have a bit more time on my hands. With an old house there are lots of corners that need freshning up. Now it was the turn of the carport and fence to get a coat of fresh paint. From beat up grey to black with contrast.


IMG_4315-(1) IMG_4326-(1)

8 hours later


(the ladder is holding the rose away from the wall while drying)


I ran out of paint so the rest will have to be done later on when we start building the extention to the bike shed.

CPH days

I’m starting a news series of posts with the title CPHdays highlighting why I am happy to live in this city and call it my home town. Even though  I no  longer live in the heart of the city, but a suburbia called Søborg, its still the place I call my city.

A few weeks back on a sunny Sunday while dad was out rowing, I took my little boy to town by train. He thinks its so exciting to ride the train and talk to people there. We headed to Israel plads for an event  called Designerspace Design og Kunstmarked to look at what upcoming designers are offering. 

However on our way, my little man spotted a police car and started waving. They stopped and asked him to come in with them and gave my little man a experience he has talked about for a few weeks now. I love how approachable and equal this city is. Everybody talked to each other and there is no rank or hierarchy.

CPH-days4 On Israel plads, they had set up the designer market and some container restaurants called Little Copenhagen a concept of outdoor restaurants and entertainment for kids. Brilliant concept which I’m gonna try again soon.


My boy is not affraid of strangers, even if they look a bit funny.

Greenpeace – Arctic Sunrise

Last Saturday our little family headed to the city to see the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, which was docking at Amaliehave in Copenhagen. No one can always have their meaning about radical behavior, but have to say, it is good that their passion for nature and surroundings keeps the rest of us informed on what is going on around us. How our surroundings are being treated. Don’t even want to think where we would be without them.


Keep up the good work.

Replacing worn, white MDF with Royal Oak

Our kitchen table has bothered us for long. White, very worn out MDF with spots. We have not done anything, because we have had planned to tear down the wall between the kitchen and living room and then we could just get rid of the extra table. But that plan is now over 4 years old. Last weekend, my limit was up. I dragged Jakob to Silvan to buy a board. We walked out with  3 oak planks for 900 kr.


The old MDF plate was so worn it had holes in it, but with a kid practicing drums to the table, its not now one invests in something extra.

table after

We glued the three boards together and set some support underneath. Then carefully sanded the wood, gave 4 layers of Natur Oil for table tops from Trip Trap and sanded with watersanding paper.

before-and-afterNow no longer in a hurry to tear down the wall.

Recycled Christmas decorations

I love going to Design markets like Finderskeepers, where inspiring designers and artists sell their stuff. I mostly go to get some inspiration myself for my DIY projects but I rarely leave empty handed.

This time I found where to use Christian’s abandoned Zoo animals and my old wooden necklace’s


Licorice-raspbery Cheese cake

A while back, I saw this Licorice/raspberry Cheese Cake on Lakrids FB site. I was inspired.

I have my own Licorice Cheese Cake I am super proud of but this Raspberry filling is definitely a fresh addition.


The recipe is the same as my previous recipe but the filling is with raspberry.


Put husblads into cold water for about 5 min so they become soft. Whip eggs with sugar so its froth like. Mix cream cheese into froth.  Heat about 200gr frozen raspberries with 1,5 dl of water. When mixture is boiling, add husblad and mix well. Let cool down while mixing. Add luke warm liquid into forth/cream cheese mixture and mix. Whip cream and add to mixture. Pour mixture on top of crust and put in fridge for a few hours. Until mixture become stiff.

Graphic patchwork blanket

This project started as I needed something to do at the summer house this summer. I had been inspired by Helena I follow on IG and her graphic sewing. I think she has a brilliant taste and she really my kind of patchwork, no “granny style” but modern, fresh, with contrast and graphics. Anyway, credit to her and Fermliving for inspiration. However by mixing and making different color combinations, there is no limit to what you can make.

I started out by making some sketches in InDesign and a pattern, to figure out how many triangles I need to cut out. My plan is to make on for our double bed but to experiment, I started with a version for the kids so 5 rows of triangles. The kids love fleece blankets and therefore I decided to make the lining out of a soft colorful polar fleece. I bought all the material, cotton fabric, polar fleece and  bias tape from my local Stof2000 from Lyngby.

First I did a lot of cutting..40 large triangles and 10 small. By mixing and making different color combinations, there is no limit to what you can make. Mine is inspired by Helena.


Next I needed to use my least favorite tool, an iron and ironing board to help make precis work.


I sewed the polar fleece to the back by sewing on the vertical seems


Now I just need to finish the edge with come bias binding. I chose a thick 4 cm wide version.



Picture wall – Instaprints

I LOVE snapping pictures with my iPhone 5 and editing them with an app called Snapseed. My old picture wall with about 20 frames was in desperate need of updating and then I saw this idea on Instagram. I ordered about 250 (4×4 inch) pictures from a place called Inkifi. Now I can have all the pictures I want on my wall and it is easy to switch them as they are set up with blue tac.

picture-wall picture-wall3 picture-wall2 picture-wall1 

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