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Replacing worn, white MDF with Royal Oak

Our kitchen table has bothered us for long. White, very worn out MDF with spots. We have not done anything, because we have had planned to tear down the wall between the kitchen and living room and then we could just get rid of the extra table. But that plan is now over 4 years old. Last weekend, my limit was up. I dragged Jakob to Silvan to buy a board. We walked out with  3 oak planks for 900 kr.


The old MDF plate was so worn it had holes in it, but with a kid practicing drums to the table, its not now one invests in something extra.

table after

We glued the three boards together and set some support underneath. Then carefully sanded the wood, gave 4 layers of Natur Oil for table tops from Trip Trap and sanded with watersanding paper.

before-and-afterNow no longer in a hurry to tear down the wall.

Recycled Christmas decorations

I love going to Design markets like Finderskeepers, where inspiring designers and artists sell their stuff. I mostly go to get some inspiration myself for my DIY projects but I rarely leave empty handed.

This time I found where to use Christian’s abandoned Zoo animals and my old wooden necklace’s


Rock and Roll Christmas decorations

Visited Finderkeepers Xmas market at TAP1 this weekend and took home lost of inspiration and these new Kravnisse from Solveig Mønsted Hvidt


Graphic patchwork blanket

This project started as I needed something to do at the summer house this summer. I had been inspired by Helena I follow on IG and her graphic sewing. I think she has a brilliant taste and she really my kind of patchwork, no “granny style” but modern, fresh, with contrast and graphics. Anyway, credit to her and Fermliving for inspiration. However by mixing and making different color combinations, there is no limit to what you can make.

I started out by making some sketches in InDesign and a pattern, to figure out how many triangles I need to cut out. My plan is to make on for our double bed but to experiment, I started with a version for the kids so 5 rows of triangles. The kids love fleece blankets and therefore I decided to make the lining out of a soft colorful polar fleece. I bought all the material, cotton fabric, polar fleece and  bias tape from my local Stof2000 from Lyngby.

First I did a lot of cutting..40 large triangles and 10 small. By mixing and making different color combinations, there is no limit to what you can make. Mine is inspired by Helena.


Next I needed to use my least favorite tool, an iron and ironing board to help make precis work.


I sewed the polar fleece to the back by sewing on the vertical seems


Now I just need to finish the edge with come bias binding. I chose a thick 4 cm wide version.



Picture wall – Instaprints

I LOVE snapping pictures with my iPhone 5 and editing them with an app called Snapseed. My old picture wall with about 20 frames was in desperate need of updating and then I saw this idea on Instagram. I ordered about 250 (4×4 inch) pictures from a place called Inkifi. Now I can have all the pictures I want on my wall and it is easy to switch them as they are set up with blue tac.

picture-wall picture-wall3 picture-wall2 picture-wall1 

Pallet lounge sofa – DONE

Just in time for summer vacation was our new terrace ready. Our idea was to have some lounge sofas but where, is still a bit unsure. The terrace is 66 m2 so there is many options and we do not want to build some fixed furniture until we know where. My idea was so make some cheap furniture from some old euro pallets I got from work, to find out where and what we want to have. The most important feature was that they needed to be good to sit on. On instagram, I found some inspiration, but ended up making some adjustments as I want the seat depth to be a bit more. See original idea here  Now they are ready and painted and I actually think they will end up being a more permanent temporary solution. I love to paint so naturally I gave these a coat too and painted them first with some primer from Røverkøb and the some toned wood protections from Røverkøb. The color code was RAL7012.

Under the finished images, I have added a few picture to demonstrate how I have built them. Really easy to make and super comfortable to sit on. Now some pillows but that is another project for my to-do-list.



I used four euro pallets for this project. I started with sanding all the rough parts and edges in order not to get splinters.


Next step, I split two of the pallets just a few centimeters after the second row. First, I a circular saw but had to finish the off with a hand saw. It is important to leave a planks with of extra for the back piece, gives it a bit more support when screwed together.


Step 3 – I screwed the front legs to the seat with some screws we had left over from our terrace project, so some pretty solid once. Stainless steel screws last longer and don’t rust.


Step 4 – I screwed the back to the bottom in some 45 degree angles. Here you can see where I have set screws.


Step 5 – My favorite job, painting. See above on what I used on the final painted benches.


My new old VIPP bin

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Those were my thoughts when I found this old VIPP bin that had been used as the local daycare as an ashtray for the past years.

I had heard that you could fix almost everything with these bins so I took it home and started to clean it. The bins have a beautiful history of the designer building his hairdresser wife a bin she could open without hands and the rest of the success story is history.

OldVippThis is what it looked like when I found it. Pedal missing, one handle missing, no inner bin, tons or rust and about a years worth of cigarette stubs. Disgusting.

VIPP4VIPP3VIPP5With a lot of sanding, I managed to scrape most of the rust off. Now in these pictures it still looks like a disaster.

New-old-VIPP3I had not quite decided on what color I wanted to paint it. I had shiny white and matt black in mind until I saw the bin after I had applied the primer.

VIPP2New-old-VIPPNew-old-VIPP2And I ended up painting it the primer shade of grey. After a trip to the VIPP repair shop it looks almost like the new one I saw in the shop. But my bin will serve us years to come and I gave it a new life.

New Grey Granny

I simply need to have a painting project during my summer vacation. For a long time I have been planning to pimp my old granny and give it a fresh coat  of paint. Now, it was all about getting it done.

I decider to be a bit lazy and not remove the back wheel. All other bits covered with plastic and tape where I did not want paint. One good layer of primer and two layers of paint.

grey-bikeTo assemble it, I got a bit of help

grey-bike1And the boy insisted on joining me for the test ride. Now I have the finest granny in Søborg.


Teepee for the little Indian

A teepee/tent for Christian has long been on my to-do list. While my husband has been working on building our 62 m2 terrace, I needed a project of my own. A few weeks back I saw a post from Diana on instagram and got inspired again. Remembered there was a very good DIY in this new Finnish DIY book Omin käsin

Here is my Teepee and little Indian


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