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Recycled Christmas decorations

I love going to Design markets like Finderskeepers, where inspiring designers and artists sell their stuff. I mostly go to get some inspiration myself for my DIY projects but I rarely leave empty handed.

This time I found where to use Christian’s abandoned Zoo animals and my old wooden necklace’s


My new old VIPP bin

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Those were my thoughts when I found this old VIPP bin that had been used as the local daycare as an ashtray for the past years.

I had heard that you could fix almost everything with these bins so I took it home and started to clean it. The bins have a beautiful history of the designer building his hairdresser wife a bin she could open without hands and the rest of the success story is history.

OldVippThis is what it looked like when I found it. Pedal missing, one handle missing, no inner bin, tons or rust and about a years worth of cigarette stubs. Disgusting.

VIPP4VIPP3VIPP5With a lot of sanding, I managed to scrape most of the rust off. Now in these pictures it still looks like a disaster.

New-old-VIPP3I had not quite decided on what color I wanted to paint it. I had shiny white and matt black in mind until I saw the bin after I had applied the primer.

VIPP2New-old-VIPPNew-old-VIPP2And I ended up painting it the primer shade of grey. After a trip to the VIPP repair shop it looks almost like the new one I saw in the shop. But my bin will serve us years to come and I gave it a new life.

Crossed the finnish line…

Finally my marathon of crocheting every evening is over. All the pieces are done and sewn together. Now all I need to do if fix the ends and make the edge. Result 168 full size pieces and the edge bits. What I’m most proud about is not so much completing the job but not giving up.


The rombetæppe is growing

I spent two evening sewing the pieces together. It’s so boring but yet so rewarding to see it grow. Hope that one day, I will be done. About 60 more to go, but now I can at least use it if I’m careful.

rombetappe2rombetappe1All ready a plan for the next one, which I’m thinking of making with a dip dye effect. But no clue on how yet….

Dome of Visions is back in town – next to Den Sorte Diamant

We bumped into this building project last year and how they are building it again. The Dome of Visions is really a combination of innovative thinking, modern design and simplicity. Maybe we should pull down our house and build one. it will be open from 1.4.

Dome again


Rojabo Boat Race Erg Challenge 2014

Sunday we set live the new Rojabo Boat Race Erg Challenge. The idea is to have an event/race to motivate to train for. I’ve heard of people doing this before and thought this could be a perfect substitute for Rojabo customers.

6779 meters. I’m in but I know it will hurt so need to get training.

Rojabo Boat Race 2014Banner design is something I’m proud of this time.

Half way – 85 rombe done

Finally made it half way with my first crochet “rombetæppe” project inspired by Pescno. Still going strong. 85 done and 85 to go…

Rombetaeppe-half*Few pieces missing from the picture as they have not been sewn on…

Time management – to-do-list – Trello

I’m probably not the only active person who thinks 24 hours in a day is not enough to get all the stuff one wants done in one day. Now its Christmas soon and there is so much Krea stuff I am inspired to do. Plus I want to exercise and hang with family…

Found a super smart app called Trello to help with time management. And wupsi…. Stuff gets done.


Julepynt #2 – himmeli

I have for long wanted to try and make a modern version of the traditional Finnish Christmas decoration, a himmeli. I found good instructions in Yhteishyvä magazine, (unfortunately in Finnish)



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