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Boys playing

I was playing with my Instagram app and effects yesterday. Uploaded about 20 pictures. But this one was definitely  my favorite.




This summer we visited the playground where I took the picture of Maria on the trampoline last year. This year I got some shots of Peter in the same spot. So I played around with my old favorite picture last night.

P&M trampoline


New Rojabo banner for website

Helping to pimp up the Rojabo Website with a cool new banner. Now consistent with the Rojabo FB page

New Rojabo banner

Arktis – Louisiana – My inspiration

Was an interesting collection. First I thought that this is just a copy of the Polar Exploration Museum I visited in Oslo but they has combined the topic Arktis in a very clever way.

Artkis satoa1Artkis satoa2There were cartoons, Superman, Batman, the Jamaican at the North Pole…


Arktis – Louisiana

On a vacation day, its a good excuse to take a trip up to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art with girl friends. There is a new exhibition on the Arktis.

Louisiana Arktis2

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