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Richard Mosse – Jeff Wall @Louisiana

Today I decided to dash up to Humlebæk after work to see the discussed exhibitions by Richard Mosse and photos by Jeff Wall.

I LOVE pink color, it really make everything look sweet and happy. But painting landscape from war zones in Congo pink made me a bit speachless. It all looked so beautiful. Very contradicting. Its not supposed to be beautiful…


Another exhibition in Louisiana was photographs by Jeff Wall. First impression was that these were not that impressive but once one begun to look more carefully were each picture filled with a story that just when on. Could have used an extra hour looking at these pictures. Below my two favorites.


Picture wall – Instaprints

I LOVE snapping pictures with my iPhone 5 and editing them with an app called Snapseed. My old picture wall with about 20 frames was in desperate need of updating and then I saw this idea on Instagram. I ordered about 250 (4×4 inch) pictures from a place called Inkifi. Now I can have all the pictures I want on my wall and it is easy to switch them as they are set up with blue tac.

picture-wall picture-wall3 picture-wall2 picture-wall1 

My picture of the year

I love taking photos and the IPhone and apps to retouch photos has just made me take even more. I took this picture on morning I was out for a run at Sankt Peter Ording. I ran the next day too just because it was so beautiful.


Time management – to-do-list – Trello

I’m probably not the only active person who thinks 24 hours in a day is not enough to get all the stuff one wants done in one day. Now its Christmas soon and there is so much Krea stuff I am inspired to do. Plus I want to exercise and hang with family…

Found a super smart app called Trello to help with time management. And wupsi…. Stuff gets done.


Eboy is on the wall

I finally got my Berlin Eboy poster hanging on the wall


Julepynt #2 – himmeli

I have for long wanted to try and make a modern version of the traditional Finnish Christmas decoration, a himmeli. I found good instructions in Yhteishyvä magazine, (unfortunately in Finnish)



Autumn in Dyrehave

Jakob’s friend who lives next to the Dyrehaven holds annually the years first glögg/jule kilppe after being out in Dyrehaven watching the horses. We skipped the horses and watched the trains instead.

Autumn boys

Julepynt #1

Here starts the season where I love to sit at home and make some Christmas decorations. I found some red berries in my garden and put them in a wire.

Jule hjerte

Iphone cover

I helped the kids put together an iPhone cover for their mom’s birthday.

iPhone cover MeI wish you could make your own silicone covers. I don’t dare to live without that extra protection.

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