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Replacing worn, white MDF with Royal Oak

Our kitchen table has bothered us for long. White, very worn out MDF with spots. We have not done anything, because we have had planned to tear down the wall between the kitchen and living room and then we could just get rid of the extra table. But that plan is now over 4 years old. Last weekend, my limit was up. I dragged Jakob to Silvan to buy a board. We walked out with  3 oak planks for 900 kr.


The old MDF plate was so worn it had holes in it, but with a kid practicing drums to the table, its not now one invests in something extra.

table after

We glued the three boards together and set some support underneath. Then carefully sanded the wood, gave 4 layers of Natur Oil for table tops from Trip Trap and sanded with watersanding paper.

before-and-afterNow no longer in a hurry to tear down the wall.

And it was all covered with ice!!

There was not even the slightest breeze of wind the morning I woke up and I had arrange with my partner to meet at the lake for some morning rowing. It had been slightly below freezing over the night but we headed out anyway to see how it was. And as we had suspected, there was ice…. one the whole lake. It looked amazing! What a shame.



Åre 2015

This year we decided to head for ski vacation a bit earlier, week 4. Yes it was cheaper, slopes where empty, but it was a little bit too cold for the kids. -16 is not that fun when you start freezing after 30 minutes. However, the slopes where in excellent condition and I got upgraded by 10 year old Telemark boots to some new ones. Also some second hand ones from a store call Mountain Cycle from Åre. Smart idea to gather expensive mountain gear under one roof. I like.



Most of the time, we spent divided up Jakob skiing with the big kids and me hanging out with Christian. Luckily the cross-country tracks where close by and with light so we could get some exercise done.



Mommy hour on telemarks meant being out 8:30 when the lifts opened. It meant also the best slopes.  So no complaining here.




Recycled Christmas decorations

I love going to Design markets like Finderskeepers, where inspiring designers and artists sell their stuff. I mostly go to get some inspiration myself for my DIY projects but I rarely leave empty handed.

This time I found where to use Christian’s abandoned Zoo animals and my old wooden necklace’s


Rock and Roll Christmas decorations

Visited Finderkeepers Xmas market at TAP1 this weekend and took home lost of inspiration and these new Kravnisse from Solveig Mønsted Hvidt


New England Foliage

New England Foliage was at its best when we were visiting and Jakob was rowing the Head of the Charles. My sister took me to the old battle grounds of the American Civil war in Concord. Impressive place.


Licorice-raspbery Cheese cake

A while back, I saw this Licorice/raspberry Cheese Cake on Lakrids FB site. I was inspired.

I have my own Licorice Cheese Cake I am super proud of but this Raspberry filling is definitely a fresh addition.


The recipe is the same as my previous recipe but the filling is with raspberry.


Put husblads into cold water for about 5 min so they become soft. Whip eggs with sugar so its froth like. Mix cream cheese into froth.  Heat about 200gr frozen raspberries with 1,5 dl of water. When mixture is boiling, add husblad and mix well. Let cool down while mixing. Add luke warm liquid into forth/cream cheese mixture and mix. Whip cream and add to mixture. Pour mixture on top of crust and put in fridge for a few hours. Until mixture become stiff.

Graphic patchwork blanket

This project started as I needed something to do at the summer house this summer. I had been inspired by Helena I follow on IG and her graphic sewing. I think she has a brilliant taste and she really my kind of patchwork, no “granny style” but modern, fresh, with contrast and graphics. Anyway, credit to her and Fermliving for inspiration. However by mixing and making different color combinations, there is no limit to what you can make.

I started out by making some sketches in InDesign and a pattern, to figure out how many triangles I need to cut out. My plan is to make on for our double bed but to experiment, I started with a version for the kids so 5 rows of triangles. The kids love fleece blankets and therefore I decided to make the lining out of a soft colorful polar fleece. I bought all the material, cotton fabric, polar fleece and  bias tape from my local Stof2000 from Lyngby.

First I did a lot of cutting..40 large triangles and 10 small. By mixing and making different color combinations, there is no limit to what you can make. Mine is inspired by Helena.


Next I needed to use my least favorite tool, an iron and ironing board to help make precis work.


I sewed the polar fleece to the back by sewing on the vertical seems


Now I just need to finish the edge with come bias binding. I chose a thick 4 cm wide version.




When visiting Århus with a three year old, you get to see a totally different perspective of the city. Things which grab his attention are totally different of what grabs the attention of adults. After a semi stressful trip to Starbucks on Støget, I decided to head back to the rowing stadium. We had our car in parking at the Scandinavian Congress Center and suddenly Christian saw this helicopter/whale built out of steel and we simply had to go and take a closer look.








The whale was covered with signs “do not climb in” but as it was filled with kids already, we joined too.

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