I am creative, innovative rower with a 100% international roots. I’ve lived, loved, worked, played and been inspired by things and people around the world since I was born so I consider the whole world my playground.

Me2In my free time, my hobby number one is rowing or more specifically sculling. I love the mental and physical challenge racing gives me as well as the team work. I’ve been actively competing since 2000 and today it is a way of life. In addition to rowing with my wonderful team of ladies…

Rowing-4x2… I love to row with my husband. I’m proud to be able to say we can compete in a 6K race and still be married.

couple-doubleI am a full time mother of one active kid, two part time kids, two cats and also a wife of an active rower/skier, entrepreneur who at the moment has an urge to start up something new again. So I have an active and packed everyday life.

To earn my living I have worked as an marketing coordinator, so juggling with many projects is part of my daily routines here too. I also work on lots of graphical stuff, making flyers, posters and presentation and that is really the stuff I like to do the most. As a DIY person who loves to pimp up our home and find smart solution to keep law and order in our daily life, it has been an advantage to work for a company making the best powertools in the world (Milwaukee for the pros and Ryobi for the DIY folks like me).

Today I’m taking some time off to learn more about Online marketing, I’ve had a dream to set up something of my own so a new webshop is currently under production. I have a couple of websites I’m doing online marketing for, learning the tricks of the trade so I can use them in my future job.

I started this online journal to keep track of things that makes my life tick. Stuff I’ve made to make our life function better, stuff that makes me smile and stuff I’ve made for our home, to make it a place where we can smile and laugh. A place to post achievements of the special things I have done, places visited and results achieved.

I’ve always had the urge to follow my own path, whether its in work or free time. Hope you find my ideas inspiring.