Our kitchen table has bothered us for long. White, very worn out MDF with spots. We have not done anything, because we have had planned to tear down the wall between the kitchen and living room and then we could just get rid of the extra table. But that plan is now over 4 years old. Last weekend, my limit was up. I dragged Jakob to Silvan to buy a board. We walked out with  3 oak planks for 900 kr.


The old MDF plate was so worn it had holes in it, but with a kid practicing drums to the table, its not now one invests in something extra.

table after

We glued the three boards together and set some support underneath. Then carefully sanded the wood, gave 4 layers of Natur Oil for table tops from Trip Trap and sanded with watersanding paper.

before-and-afterNow no longer in a hurry to tear down the wall.