Just in time for summer vacation was our new terrace ready. Our idea was to have some lounge sofas but where, is still a bit unsure. The terrace is 66 m2 so there is many options and we do not want to build some fixed furniture until we know where. My idea was so make some cheap furniture from some old euro pallets I got from work, to find out where and what we want to have. The most important feature was that they needed to be good to sit on. On instagram, I found some inspiration, but ended up making some adjustments as I want the seat depth to be a bit more. See original idea here  Now they are ready and painted and I actually think they will end up being a more permanent temporary solution. I love to paint so naturally I gave these a coat too and painted them first with some primer from Røverkøb and the some toned wood protections from Røverkøb. The color code was RAL7012.

Under the finished images, I have added a few picture to demonstrate how I have built them. Really easy to make and super comfortable to sit on. Now some pillows but that is another project for my to-do-list.



I used four euro pallets for this project. I started with sanding all the rough parts and edges in order not to get splinters.


Next step, I split two of the pallets just a few centimeters after the second row. First, I a circular saw but had to finish the off with a hand saw. It is important to leave a planks with of extra for the back piece, gives it a bit more support when screwed together.


Step 3 – I screwed the front legs to the seat with some screws we had left over from our terrace project, so some pretty solid once. Stainless steel screws last longer and don’t rust.


Step 4 – I screwed the back to the bottom in some 45 degree angles. Here you can see where I have set screws.


Step 5 – My favorite job, painting. See above on what I used on the final painted benches.