2 days in Hamburg and we headed up north to some outlet shopping in Neumunster. We freshened up on our polo shirt stock at Ralph Lauren, and found out it was really the totally opposite direction where we were supposed to be heading. I didn’t really feel like sitting 3 hours in a car, so I suggested we look for a beach near by and find a hotel there. The idea got immediate  support from the rest of the crew. We met a lady selling strawberries on the side of the road as asked her if she had any suggestions. She had one place – Sankt Peter Ording. We thanked here and plotted the place in the GPS.

We arrived at the most astonishing beach I had ever been to, Sankt Peter Ording. The beach is 12 km long and 2 km at it’s widest point. I had never seen such breathtaking views. I’m definitely visiting again.




StPeterOrding10StPeterOrding13StPeterOrding11StPeterOrding3StPeterOrding4We stayed at a place called Hotel Twilling, which we found after ringing 4 places. Suited our need perfectly, close to the beach and play ground. (The village had about 10 play grounds so perfect for small and a bit bigger kids)