For me swimming has always been about staying afloat. As a form of exercise, never my favorite. Water dries my skin and I can’t seem to get my pulse up and I don’t seem to be able to advance at the pace I want to. My basic problem has been that I have never learned to swim correctly.

I have for long wished for some basic technique training but to commit to a school is not really my thing, rather use my time rowing if possible. My club however has reserved some lanes at Vesterbro Svømmehal and one of my team mates is a former swimmer and she offered to give me some tips. As an athlete, I am used to making adaption to my body movements so it was pure joy, once I began to get the hang of front crawl.  Not exactly Phelps yet but I’m definately going forward and best of all I can now get my pulse up and feel exhausted after some laps. Big thanks to Nina.