Living in an old house there is constantly stuff to fix and things to arrange. One thing which is on the top of our list is to get the wall down between the kitchen and living room and have just one dining table. Now we have a small on in the kitchen we barely fit around when we are five and another in the living room which is basically a place where stuff get piled up and stored.

Being home sick, I’ve had plenty of time to surf around and bumped into this designer called ByKato and their T1 table. There are a lot of beautiful tables on the market but in my book the most important aspect for an active and busy big family is functionality and of course esthetics. In this case, what appeals to me is the, modern, easy to take care fresh, white laminate top. Leg design, legs do not bother people sitting around table even if they are sitting behind the leg, (this is something that I can see can drive people crazy, one does not sit still while eating and bumping into the legs is super irritating. The table is also extendable up to 420 cm so when we are about 19 when whole family is coming for birthdays and Christmas), we can all fit and no more ugly folding garden tables.

Download-Web-Diningtable02new tableDownload-Web-Diningtable01Ive seen a similar table from Bolia but the big no no is the leg design.

ByKato has also a good looking coffee table. What make me tick is the white laminate top, legs, and shelf below. Once again functionality is the key for me. My only concern is the height of the table. I know one is not supposed to have their feet on the table while lying on the couch and watching TV but I do and I am sure I’m not the only one. What irritates me about my current coffee table/ my sons driving track is the sharp edge and its just 2 cm too high. I will need to go to a dealer to test and see if the table height fits my needs.

coffee tableBut until we have the wall down between the kitchen and living room will need to keep on dreaming.