Friday I decided to invest in my domestic goddess skills and made some home made Thai food and my licorice cheese cake. Its still a bit in development but I think I’m almost there.

Lakrids Cheesecake2With over 35 likes on FB and comments from friends begging for the recipe, here it is:

Lakrids Cheesecake

The Crust

150-200 g digestive cookies

75-110 g melted butter

about ⅓ of 200 g of Turkish Pepper bag, crushed


200g (1 pack) of natural flavored cream cheese/Philadelphia

4dl piskefløde

5 leafs of husblads

2 eggs

1,5 dl of water

about ⅓ of 200 g turkish Pepper bag

0,5 dl sugar


2,5 dl water

⅓ of 200 g Turkish Pepper bag

4 leaves of husblads



Crush digestive cookies and turkish Peppers ( I use a hammer for the candy) and mix with melted butter. Press on the bottom of spring form which has the bottom covered with bagepapir.


Put husblads into cold water for about 5 min so they become soft. Whip eggs with sugar so its froth like. Mix cream cheese into froth.  Heat water to boil and mix turkish pepper, maybe crush them a bit so they melt easier. When candy has disolved into liquid, add husblad and mix well. Let cool down a bit while mixing. Add luke warm liquid into forth/cream cheese mixture and mix. Whip cream and add to mixture. Pour mixture on top of crust and put in fridge for a few hours. Until mixture become stiff.

Topping: (prepare when filling has stiffened)

Put husblad into cold water. Boil water and mix rest of turkish pepper. When Liquid, add husbads. Keep mixing while cooling down. It is important that liquid is cooled down before carefully pouring it on top of filling. If too hot, will mix with filling. Pour cooled topping on filling an refrigerate until topping is stiffened. I keep in fridge over night.

Depending on taste, you can add a bit more turkish peppers but this is what I think gives a good, not too aggressive taste. I’ve also experimented with a bit more whipped cream.

Enjoy and let me see your result if you make one.