Sunday, I finally had some time for myself so I headed straight out to some local flea markets. My first stop was in Holte with a mission was to find some rain clothes for Christian. He has a set but he is growing out of them soon so needed to find the next size.

Bingo for 10 Dkk a piece. Mission accomplished! I also found myself a retro Tommy Hilfiger Polo shirt, which I use a lot, totally unused and a turquoise tin can. Not that I have any.

My next stop was Lyngby, I had the time and still wanted to do a bit of treasure hunting so…… I have been having my eye open for a “project PH5” lamp. The one in the store costs almost 5000 DKK so my aim is to find one and spray paint it myself. How dificult can that be for a handy lady like me. The guy selling one looked like a “pro flea market” sales man and I almost did not dare ask the price. But for 200 DKK I could not let the lamp not come home with me. Even if I ruin it with spraying, it will not be a big loss and what the hell at least I get some practice material.

PH5So one day, hopefully it will look like this.

PH5blackI love the effect the red plate makes. Lets see, I need to do some research on what is smart and what are the best paints.