I had an hour to spend before a friends wedding on summer afternoon in Helsinki, so had a look around at of the most traditional flea markets in Helsinki, “Hietsun kirppis” (sorry, info only in Finnsih). Found some childhood treasures, 2 piggy banks.

The Uncle Scrooge piggy bank was distribute to all KOP (former Kansallis-Osake-Pankki) child customers. I managed to get my parents to let me open an account just so I could get one of these piggy banks.

The Red “Kultapossu kerho” piggy bank is reminder from when I was working at Danske Bank Group Communications. Danske Bank had bought the Finnish Sampo Bank, the former Posti Pankki in Finland and was wondering what sentimental value this children’s club had for the business.säästöpossut