The Copenhagen Harbour Race is definitely a coxes race. It is a 7,5km head race with a 180 degree turn at the Slusen, that is like pulling a hand break turn with an eight. Like always, with a defeat in DM to KVIK, we were hungry to win. A few weeks of determined training, (especially on the turns) we were ready. We were not happy with the seeding of the race and we were set to start long after our competitor, behind some Masters mix crews. GRR.

So we had a challenge to hunt our rivals. It ended up being a very exciting race at least for me and the spectators, the mixed boat ahead of us had a very experienced cox and could not keep course, When I told the girls we were easing in to pass a mens team, they got excited. We came very close to collision under the Bryggebro bridge and there Lyngby just had to give us space to over take. Fantastic race, full on hungry rowers and result, gold.Harbour race